Again. Ok, so they left the room and went downstairs to greet his friends at the bar. said there were about ten people who showed up, and she was the only woman footfetishtube among them most of the night, and two members of the chambermaid. The drinks flowed and things were great fun. The man who is married, was a good guy and very popular. The majority of the evening was with Mike and soon to be bride and Clifford spent two more boys and Ally Dean. All went well and there were plenty of laughs and drinks. Lesley Mike told me that all the guys jealous of him, waiting for a great night. He said that Dean had, and even ally Clifford said he was very footfetishtube happy, and all the love they have. Lesley was quite drink on the way and said she liked them all, but I was desperate for him. was asked if he was not here tonight, the man or the girl he liked more. Dean and Clifford, she replied, without thinking. asLesley had her back and spoke with Mike were in a corner of the bar. Mike lifted her dress slightly from the rear, everything footfetishtube seemed normal, where the others were sitting, but she took his hand down her panties and then. He slid his hand under them and put a finger up her wet pussy. said it was very hot and trying not to show anything, as he slid his fingers inside her. He whispered that he would fuck her so hard that night and not by itself does not. said he always felt more moist and humid, as he spoke. took her hand and she made ​​sure that everything was normal, as some of the guys started talking to Mike footfetishtube again. He disappeared into the bathroom to calm down a bit and cool off. The night passed and everone was pretty drunk, but the kids still had a great laugh, and it was a really good feeling between them. clock 2 Mike said it was time to go upstAirs. Lesley said good night to all the boys and was kissed by for or five of them, all are willing to meet for breakfast and she and footfetishtube Mike returned to the room. Part 3 follows
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