The house was quiet, not silent, but very quiet. Outside the window of his room, he heard the muffled clatter of traffic, as a calm sea breaking on a distant shore. Sounds decreases as the night was lost in the night there. in the phone rang at his side. What to do? I could not call him, nudegirls was against the rules. She wanted to touch each other, the tension, to relieve the building was too long. Among other things. was against the rules. thought of his former lover, as he had been reckless, nudegirls not for him, the slow heat ahead, the subtlety of the previous games, variations of touch and rhythm that the inevitable over an hour or more exquisite give and take may be delayed. If the mood took him, his fingers to get wet and not a means to welcome the game strawberry simply the desire to facilitate their entry. She had learned to move against him, meeting with push push fantasize, at the same time, aSecond, sometimes, that leads to orgasm, she was often unsatisfied. When he finished, he went to sleep, causing them to masturbate nudegirls or her to find solace in the dream itself. The relationship was doomed to failure, but still was surprised when it ended. Now, where was he now? If I had gone to the far extreme? It was better ? Yes, much, much better. At the age of 27, knew that his own body and mind, and nudegirls would have to work together. That was what I needed. , but the phone remained silent. Thinking about it, was sure he would call. Once the agreement has been made, has never disappointed. When exactly was never told. I could only imagine what it is late, but I knew the wait had the same effect on him as he would have on them. She was sure. When the phone rang at last, was so startled that he almost stood up. But that was against the rules. Rang three times and stopped. The signal. Was. Otherwise, you could have responded, and was unable to get his mother out of the line exactly at the time he nudegirls tried to get across was. Now, after a brief pause, the doorbell rang again and she could pick up the phone. " Ready? " He asked. " Yes," he said. "Yes," God, she was ready " Tell me, then. " "What? " N "Everything. " "I want to fuck me. " ' Go. Said , " " tough " all. ", but it's enough. " " Forward. " " What? " " Tell me. " in his impatience had almost forgotten what came next. "Oh, yes, blues. Panties and nudegirls bra that you like. And stockings, holdups. That's all. " " league ? " " Oh. No!" nudegirls "The next time you should remember. " " Yes, nudegirls the next time. " She waited to speak again. This time not to prolong the wait. " in bed? " " Yes, on my back. Should I leave ? " " Wait. " There was a pause. She knew he was there because I could hear him breathe. It would be more interludes, although that could never beat that time was going to happen. He was always in charge. Those were the rules. After a while he said : ".. But now take your time, " Set the receiver can be for a while, sat down, reached back and unhooked her bra. As it fell, was in the dresser mirror. She was proud of her breasts high and firm, nipples dark to light up. " I'll touch my tits," he said on the phone. "As if it were your hands. I'm going to pinch the nipples. It is not too difficult, because it hurts, but I like " "Harder. " did what was ordered, molding, pinching, squeezing, test their limits. That was good. She knew he was listening, visualization, the findings of the speed of your breath. " enough. " " What now ? nudegirls " " panties. " lifting the hips, slowly pushed the silky material of her thighs and asked if he could choose the sound, knowing that this is one of the great moments for him. "is already open. " " I am. " " Wide". She lifted her legs toOther plants in the bed, knees apart, to wish that he was there to see, nudegirls feel, lick. Know what would be next, we hope to give the signal. But there was only silence. It was a pain in the abdomen, which could not be contained for long. She had to touch each other, but until he spoke, it was against the rules. A minute passed, then two, before saying : ". ?.. Test, and then I say" Done " " You know, " I could finally hand between her legs, a part of the set of the lips and slide your finger. " nudegirls very wet. As always. "N " You have the power. "" Yes " She turned her head to the plastic phallus on the bedside table, stretched out his hand, took her in his left hand and waited, hold the phone in his right hand to his ear, ready to continue . " Do you know where it is now. "" in the mouth. As if I were you. " Hold the receiver near the mouth, she took time to lick and suck the dildo greedily, noisily. This waswhere they tried to breath as he reacts measure. It was as good as he wanted to do ? It was his hour approaches, like her. " You can go much faster. " He seemed to have to read his thoughts. " Continue. And you tell me. All. " " I enjoyed it with my mouth moist. It is hard and shiny. I'd like you is because it is now. " He held the phone in the direction your vagina crush wants nudegirls to hear, like the folds of her lips, the instrument is nudegirls welcomed their inner depths, wet and excited by the feeling of the void, so long full damage. Then she began to move in and out, enjoying the feel, sounds a little " oh" for joy each penetration business, hoping that he would listen. " Now I'll let inside. I can move my muscles to keep them there. " This was a testing time. If he had nudegirls full control of himself, nudegirls he could wait. On the other hand, if it was sufficiently arousediently not know the rules. said... " nudegirls Why," "It's my left hand now, finding my clit is hard and slippery from my juices I'm starting to rub hard very quickly not to sign... " " Stop". that had been deceived, seduced into believing that they would work together here by the end devour feeling. But he was mistaken : he was still in control of himself, however, able to enforce the rules. While the clitoris was almost demanding the latest explosion, which was by hand. Wait. The phone on the other hand to his ear. Then he realized that the line was dead. *********************************************** * ** ************************ on the ground floor of the room turned on his cell phone and put it on the table side of your arm hair. The increase, stowed away his erection throbbing, zipped up and walked slowly down the stairs. In the darkness of the room found it exactly as it appears : on nudegirls the back, knees apartwide, her hand between her thighs, bra and panties dropped to the ground. was nudegirls on the side of the bed and slowly his clothes, his eyes moved after each move, bend your left hand still in her vagina. After a pause, he said. " Ready? " He asked. " Yes," he said. "Yes," God, she was ready " Tell me, then. " "What? " N "Everything. " "I want to fuck me. " ' Go. Said , " " tough " all. ", but it's enough. " and then, with consummate skill, he did. There was no rule. His penis was hard and demanding, the mouth and pussy eager and obedient. He gave to his knees and mounted from behind, reached under her glass to her breasts with his hand. He waved back and buried his face in the depths of his musk. She nudegirls talked to him all nudegirls the time, words of encouragement: " Yes, that's good...... so fast... but wait a second... now a horse for me... no one may be how to go to hell... they do,,, do ag. ain " At one point, maneuvered into position 69, while nudegirls a sigh of pleasure, his cock in her mouth, caressing his testicles with your fingers. On three occasions, orgasm spread through his body in a wave of ecstasy. Until finally called for " I'm going to fill me.. "When sperm erupted from his cock, she thought she could feel it splashing against the walls of its interior, flooding like never before for a long time she was in her arms, kissing, fondling remember, finally asked him. " I was good? It makes everything work for you. "" Yes, "he said. " He always does. And thanks again for allowing me to set the rules. " ********************************************** * *** ********************** If you liked our story, please contact us with any questions or suggestions. we lol love to hear from you Sally Paul st
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