Hi all. This is a bit too long and boring, so forgive me if you get bored, but I xcritic tried to do as possible. This is my wife, a model 27 years old, reluctantly. Sue is my wife for 8 years and my best friend and family, since she was 18, had been. Shs is 5'4 "tall, has shoulder-length hair red, has a slim size 10 figure with firm breasts and small. I'm very proud of its breathtaking beauty and has a spirit of kindness throughout the everyone has their preferences. N I am an avid photographer, and despite the capture of landscapes of the earth / I like love, nude photos, but due to finances, usually ask / beg Sue or Karen, a friend of ours, that I pose. was a chapter about the hospital recently, and liked to photograph his wife, but it is interesting about the photo, including others in the photos. Then about 15-20 to get a picture of the photo - to make history. s the only problem was, trusted friends, join them. s I mentioned the idea of ​​history in sue when images came to xcritic visitI do not want to talk about how she was very worried about my health. Fast forward 8 weeks and I feel much better and my heart is behaving in the car. Do not forget the idea of the photo and asked Sue again. Could You can see the appeal, but was too rude about the content to xcritic find someone I could trust and would be happy to offer relevant. Karen was an obvious choice, but Sue better if we could find a man, but someone who likes to pose, but only the right, it could be intimate with her. xcritic Therefore, in principle, it was for him, but where can you find that person or people? Well, in our case, it just happened. Karen phoned for a chat because they do not, not seen in a while. Sue asked the usual health problems and how are you and Karen told him that all was well and why that had not been in recent times, because they saw was more and more of Tony, a guy that worked. He had just come through a nasty divorce and was happy to take things slow and keep their friendship for some time yet, if there are problems with colleagues. A end of the discussion it was agreed that Karen would come the following weekend when Tony visited his mother in the south coast. Friday morning finally arrived, and we went to work, Sue said there was a break in the supermarket on the way home when she was an extra treats himself, as Karen was happy to have a lot of xcritic fruit, mineral water and wine. Sue not drink alcohol, and I am not allowed, so we always have either a Chilean or Australian decent, as everyone seems fee. The trip home was a blur, his head full of questions and scenarios. It could make the girls were asking for me and if so, the hoe obscene? I parked in the corner and Sue put the car in the garage, said Karen could park on the hard disk. Sue was busy in the kitchen and as I sat drinking my cup of tea told me my position would put the camera in the case of Karen felt like posing with Sue or early in the morning? may have a problemKaren said, adding he is called to work sooner if they could bring Tony, as he had had to change their plans. N as an idiot, I said without thinking, " where he was sleeping, since he had only two bedrooms. Karen came over and looked happier then I had seen months. Tony was actually a good guy and did everything xcritic possible to fit xcritic in While eating out, Karen, said the blue, I heard that you were hoping to photograph Sue and me? blush and a load of comments muttered embaressed, i knodded itself but said it was not a problem if you do not like none of them would ignore the issue and xcritic seemed determined to overcome. Sue added fuel to the fire by saying that Tony would not mind entering in with about Tony that he could see that I was surprised, but said, yah, do what I can to help. Sue said that in this case, Tony plays the role of a plumber or a gas man ? Karen said it was a bit the same oo it, but what is that you visit a seamstress ? within a few minutes he had toThe deal to outline the stories. went to my camera equipment, more or less, while girls in search of support. Tony came through my studio and asked for a reason and there are no rules or restrictions? I told him to relax, let the story dictate the girls and swim with the tide. The stage was set, Sue had in a summer dress old I thought he hated was changed, Tony was sitting in his chair pretending to read xcritic a newspaper, and Karen was playing with scissors, measuring tape and a box of pins hook. was agreed that it would be wrong, just click and let the story unfold as she wanted. Karen Sue knelt down and pretended to complain as the legs xcritic and waist. After a few measures, took the scissors and cut on the side of the dress. This xcritic shows the length of the leg and sue on the side of his pants. Turn around who did the same on the other side. The hem to remember much about the knee, and safety is improved, then cut along one shoulder dresses Karen. xcritic when the xcritic flapMaterial fell forward, revealing her bra. After a small adjustment of the lid was able to remember the program half cup bra. xcritic Karen moved to the other side, fingers on lips, as if in thought, then some measures, and decided to lose the bra. Karen opened the back of her dress unhooked her bra, and after moving so fast that not having a decent chance, the bra was out and pulled the dress again. The lid had come to the realization that the ball of the teat of Suez about to reveal to the nozzle. Karen complained, but it is in the office complaining of her nipples had covered more. A then cut along the shoulder seam and arranged the material itself, like a girdle. After placing safety pins along the entire length of the side seams open, stepped back and asked Karen to his demand for a spin. then asked to pretend Sue 's husband what he thought ? , Tony stood and studied the changes in dress. Karen pulled the dress over the action of the chest showed. Her nipple was hard and red. After a couple of Monre adjustments, xcritic the teat of foreign Glims, were Karen Sue and Tony resigned. show After a xcritic little cutting xcritic and Karen threw the material in the waist dresses. The skirt of the dress fell to the ground. Karen asked Tony to pull her legs and keep up to Sue while she was in it, I remember how a rock. A then the top was lifted after a few wrinkles and then decided to shorten her breasts. It was a bit accidental contact at this point and the bottom of Sue 's breasts were barely visible in places along the edge jaggered. , Tony standing behind Sue and Sue picked up the material so that the breasts are clearly visible. grab the front of the top, Karen cut the bottom of it to the neck. Since joining the two halves together with pins of Tony and Sue at the waist was kissing her neck. Sue said, and turned to kiss on the lips. Tony ran his hand under his body and the material could be in your breast. , which is more uncomfortableand Tony carressing her breasts, I xcritic concentrated on her fingers as she pulled and pinched her nipples. Karen moved forward and broke the tip. When you top of the shoulders Sue leaned forward and began sucking and biting on demand in the other nipple. I remember, Tony rubbed his chest Sue, over your stomach and waist skirt. Kissing Sue bodies on the way down, Karen knelt before her and began to unpin the skirt. When he left I felt a sensation in my pants when xcritic I saw that Tony had his finger on Sue 's pants and was xcritic playing her vagina clearly. Karen Sue came over and taking the pants, they slow down they are relaxed. , Tony fingers were good was when I saw Sue and fingers her pussy and saved two nipples. When you xcritic leave your pants, Sue went to Tony 's face and kissed and caressed. Karen moved behind Tony and not easy to start to unbutton his shirt. When she took off the xcritic upper body, which was the surpriseed to see how he was muscular. Its construction had not gone by Sue UN - tells, when rubbed his hands over the contours of the arms and chest. Karen was achieved after making pants undone and the way they shot it down, had to think of his pants, so in a slow movement, he was naked. His cock was bigger than mine, and got caught between Sue hugged him against her body. I do not know if he or she xcritic pushes her knees voluntarily, but either way she kissed her way through her body until she xcritic was kneeling before him. After looking at him, took him into his mouth and began to lift and vein and, to suck the penis. Karen was slipping pants after I moved in, unnoticed by me, as I had seen my wife suck another mans cock for the first time. Karen knelt down and began to xcritic demand the area Grion BESD Tony, again and again, that would take control of Tony 's tail between his lips a kiss of exchange. took pictures during and just hoped they were in focus. The girls started kissing otTony stops and stayed with an impressive drive as a traffic sign, hugged xcritic each other and explore each others body. Tony suggested, what I want from him? What was your history and has been beyond what I expected I shrugged, saying he did not know before, nodding at the girls in the carpet was gone. fell to his knees and began to touch the girls. Karen was attracted to him and Sue to mix until Tony was lying beside her and began kissing her breasts while exposing her pussy fingers. Karen slowly began masturbating with one hand while she stroked Susan 's breast with the other. saw Karen push Tony, so he knelt between Susan 's thighs, and as he fingers fanny Sue, straddled Karen Sue 's face as her pussy was in front of Sue 's mouth. got some great shots, like Karen Sue began to eat. After a few minutes, Karen moved back, so she was kneeling on the carpet to the curve, then forward, began to kiss the lips of Susan, I remembaI was thinking when I could taste it? mummbled something between them and as Karen lay down on the carpet, Sue lifted one leg over Tony, while the busy fingers, she turned around and knelt between her legs then Karen started eating her friends pussy shaving. do not know what to do, I saw Tony Group Mallorca before placing himself behind Sue. s high and exposed rear. Shuffle the legs apart, he shuffled forward, trying to catch the eye, but I would not let him look into his eyes and sat in Sweden, while eating Karen. apparently in an attempt to test the water, I realized I mix a little closer to Tony and Sue rub his penis. s rear exposed and free. stayed put. gently parted her lips and pressed a finger on it. his hips against the wall of his finger. is moved back and took out an xcritic ass cheek in each hand and slowly pushed into it. She pushed back against him, and he began to move faster and deeper into it. must of them gets screwed by a good 10 minutes before she shuddered and came squeeled so hard, his knee gave way. must implement , which was to break his rhythm, but re -positioning themselves, they were about to bite and suck xcritic the nipple of Karen. Karen Tony almost fell and after a little shuffling pushed into it. when literally hit Karen, Sue, moved into Karen 's face and sits in front of Tony, xcritic and while Karen began to xcritic eat, Tony managed to reach Suez and raspberry nipples and start sucking. He was willing to lose contact with the nipple, she pushed Karen, Sue, but she had over him. I think we all came together, and soon he was laughing and always feel comfortable on the carpet. Sue asked me to put a box with tissue water to a boil then while cleaning. Since taking tissue Sue said. "Well, if the test is to pull, turn into tomorrow's reality " in which they all laughed again and asked him if he hasome good pictures ? I to complain about Saturday night to write, how to write a lot btter than me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ZoomGroups.com
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Since: 03/13/2012
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