I met my wife when we were both 12, got his pregnent at 15, had a daughter, now 19, and fortunately, happy yet. does not mean you have lost in recent years, but never anything serious, my daughter will be miles away and the university comes home some weekends to go with your mates, last week asked if she could bring a friend, stay the weekend, do not care, who picked her up from the station Friday night, my daughter has the presentations, your friends name was Zoe, who was long a few years older than my daughter, very tall and thin, with blond hair, I must admit that she's known about 14 years younger than me, but I thought it looked beautiful, but we have to talk to us back home, have showered and changed and went for the sexmummy night, I heard her "fall " back into the house at 3 in the morning. surface was not until noon on Saturday, Zoe seemed worse for wear, so my sexmummy daughter, she is a piss head like his father, my wife had offered to take them to the city sexmummy for on the day to treat our daughter some new clothes, Zoe, when she could give it a miss asked how it feels terrible, and returned to bed for a few hours, I do not mind sexmummy being at home, I worked in the car through third 00 finnish and got into the tub, I just come to the bath as Zoe, ran naked, bent over the toilet to vomit, was blind to me in the bathtub, she pulled the chain, turned around and apologized to storm covered them with no problem, until done, had no pubic hair, nice tits and PERT, which could, if they clean their teeth, I asked, was unable to say could not "believe me Fortunately, I watched all the time I was leaning over the sink, and could not always the biggest finnish errection when he turned to go to the bathroom, but his eyes went straight to my cock hard, smiled I just asked if I wanted to stay and be my company, I agreed, knelt beside the tub away from me, and said:who have never had a cock so big that I feel very good after 21 years of age, says of view, I, if they are cold, sat on the floor asking naked, she said yes, and asked if heat bathing water would bother me, I knew the woman and her daughter until tea time, it was said to feel free, he said, and sat down slowly in stages, never lose sight of my 9 "cock, which I command you, that arn't Fasinated she smiled and sexmummy reached out to touch her, she began to masturbate slowly and then lent me down and licked the end of my throbbing cock, I sighed and asked me if I liked, she sucked my dick as a professional, I have had it moved my head when I had just arrived, sexmummy was in me, and without saying a word, left the bathroom, bent over and stuck his finger in tight pussy, and began her sexmummy gassped to kiss your body I move, and put the other erect nipple between my fingers, I asked to leave the bathroom, we rubbed each other dry, and took them to the master bedroom, That in such haste to his post, I sexmummy have it on all fours and slid my great length on it, within seconds he was coming, her tight ass back sexmummy to me faster and faster was, I could not wait any longer it exploded, we were in bed, neither of us saying a word, she kissed me full on, got up and went to the bathroom, returned to the bathroom, washed and dressed, I have also about an hour later, the other two at home, there's nothing more until the evening of Sunday, said as he prepared to go again, uni, thanks to my wife Zoe and told the two, I'm looking forward to your visit both before, not half of what I'm looking forward to seeing more of it, hopefully !
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Interests: music / video
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