Here's a little fantasy of mine. My wife and I stayed at a holiday village, and there are plenty of competitions and stuff. For a laugh we decided, I dressed as men in the women's competition, held the night to enter. I never told my wife to put her clothes created, and although I suspected, never said anything. To my surprise, it was his idea to give me ".... , in the spirit of things.. " he said. as the competition approached Jen decide what clothes to wear. She took me in his entire body of lace, lace- ups to stay on top and short skirt with a leather jacket of my upper half. The shoes were a bit hard to get, but asked the girl who was organizing the competition, and if there were spare parts, as we wanted to enter. She was very helpful and she and Jen went to get something for me. After they like with the shoes again, the girl Kate us rulertube good luck and left. I'm wearing my wife'S black underwear and clothing, and I must say, I look fantastic. Jen also smiled when I saw myself in the mirror. Jen adds the final touch of makeup, and then there was a wig, which he thought of Kate, Red Jacket, the organization was taken from the competition. We had a laugh when the competition was launched, and many other children had also entered, but none of them had the tarty makeup or wig impressive that Kate has given us. If the winner was announced, I could not believe. That was me.... I had won. With the bottle of champagne that we have to win, Jen and I have been drinking a little more, and everyone kept coming to our table and say how wonderful I looked. If any embarrassment which was certainly not show, and I began to enjoy my new look. Kate came to our table at night and can re suggested that Jen and I love rulertube a party room, which were the redcoats of the organization. I said I would have to changed struck first, but Jen and I still like me.... just for fun. We went to Kate 's apartment and when we got there, the party was in full swing. A lot of jokes and laughter cry had come from the other red coats, I realized that competition as some of them too. soon found ourselves again, and Kate, Jen and she began to whisper to each other, but a little drunk, I thought nothing of it, and talked with some of the other guys who were there. Apart from Kate, Jen and another woman, all persons were at the party dressed man, some women in transition and some of the redcoats. Jen, and Kate went to dance, and took each other more than themselves. I never thought it would be my wife, so close and sexy dancing with another woman. They began to kiss the ground before them all, and when I looked surprised, others began to kiss across the room. Red Coats kissed the boys who were dressed and the other wife, Kirsty, came to meª sat beside me. She put her hand on my thighs and tell me how wonderful I looked in my clothes for women, started kissing me on my lips completely painted red. I looked at Jen and she smiled as she looked over her shoulder to Kate when Kate kissed her neck. Then I felt was right, that kiss wonderful that just returned from Kirsty had to return the services received and I did. She was a hot girl with an amazing body, complete and well formed with big tits, like Jen. Kate on the other hand, was tall, broad-shouldered with very small tits, but you could see very large nipples through her ​​blouse bite from time to time. It seemed as if it were very fit and weight training. Jen and Kirsty had some good points, but more women with shapely hips and looked much smoother. Jen and Kate stopped dancing and Kirsty and I was on the couch. Kate then I took her hand to her room and when I looked at Jen winked and smiled rulertube at me, told me that they will soon. When he entered the room,Kate told me to take off her short skirt and jacket. I stood before her, a little embarrassed, but still excited. She said she looked wonderful and very convincing. She said that she works all the others had told him that Jen and I ask again at the party. She asked if I had ever called and I told him I rulertube was, but Jen did not know. That's why I said I do not mean rulertube this stranger can understand, but it seemed so relaxed and in control of the situation. She said that when she had spoken, and Jen, Jen said she knew that attracted me. I could not believe it. Jen knew. Kate started kissing me and I felt my head back a little. He was about the same height as me, about 6 feet tall, and I felt a little shaky in his presence. She was very safe. She told me to lie on my back in bed and then straddled my hips. She started kissing me and I felt my hard cock in my costumes. "... He seems to like her new dress.. " he laughed. I told him that I liked, and thatsmiled and reached rulertube down and grabbed my balls hard. I let out a sigh, like her, and seemed as if under control. She rulertube then told me to get on all fours on the bed and tied my wrists to the bedpost and put my ankle to the other at the bottom of the bed. The distance of a few pillows under your hips, ass up in rulertube the air. I felt so exposed and helpless because I could not move much. Kate then unlocked my step bodystocking in my ass and felt soft Jen suggested I shave my legs together, had for me safer. He started my balls and my ass from behind me to lick hard, and when I tried to move again, hit me in the ass and told me he was not under control and do it again. This moved me strangely. At that time, Jen and Kirsty entered the room and when I turned around, saw that they were both naked now, and Jen looked a little flushed. She smiled and said I looked wonderful and Kate asked if he was ready. She said I was then told to go to Jen and the rest of the party. The rulertube rest of the redcoats and the boys who were dressed came and saw my lying outstretched with my tight ass in the rulertube air and my legs from Kate. They agreed that guys rulertube seemed wonderful and then began to undress. I wondered what would happen, but Jen came to my face and told me it would be nice....... They were so kind to me when I was with her. I was surprised because my wife was not lying to anyone but me. I tried to get away, but Kate hit me harder this time and said he was going to stay. I turned to see some of the cocks guys, I have to say, was very large compared to my 6 inch cock. Some of them were already difficult, and although it had been thrown by the other kids thought it was just a fantasy. One boy came up behind me and licked my rulertube ass, as Kate did. He was an expert in the language, and sometimes got away from my little hole as she licked. Then one otHe pushed me in front of me in my face and tail. I do not know what to do, but Kate came up and put it in his mouth to say she was a bitch suck me. He obeyed and started sucking rulertube the guys cock. I licked the tip and then push it felt more to the face. I tried to be as deep as I could to suck, but gagged a rulertube little, Kate laughed and told me to suck more. Sucking cock in my rulertube mouth I felt the man and I had to stop and getting licked. He pushed his cock in the beginning of my hole and started pushing me. I have tried to stop saying, but the cock in my mouth prevented me. I felt that move me, and Kate told me to relax and do not hurt either. I've tried, and then shortly after I felt his balls resting on my own. He was fully in me. I could not believe he had taken all his cock in me. I continued to suck his cock in my mouth and then I felt nervous and I thought it should be run. I tried it out, but hand pulled his face to his cock and began to cum in my mouth. I had to swallow his semen, to drown because I feel that if I did not. His semen tested very well I must admit, and that should be started as a small smile, because Kate said to come and see her husband fucking rulertube Jen and see how much he loved her. I saw Jen and she smiled. The man in my ass then and I started to slip out of it. It was wonderful, and I began to enjoy the feeling. He was pushed, he built a steady pace and began fucking my ass hard as another dick in my mouth. I sucked greedily at the rulertube tail and licked his balls too. Like so powerless, what else could I do ? I sucked more than it pulls the ass and the guy in my ass began to cum in me. I have rulertube some noise when it did, and he rulertube fucked me even harder when he heard these sounds. He shot his cum deep into my hole and I felt full, as rampant as the key to another in my mouth his cum in my mouth. The cock in my mouth this back and shot his remaining time in the face and lips. feeling exhausted, but very horny, I realized that all the guys in the rulertube room and fuck me. They took the places of the cocks that had just retired, and continued to fuck me very hard. Having reached all me or in rulertube my mouth and face, left the room and left me, Jen together, Kate and Kirsty. I like Jen, I had a camera, and were photographed together, as I was screwed. I had not noticed. I wondered what would happen now, and Kate told me it was the warm- up. I was shaking in rulertube disbelief, wondering rulertube what could happen. Kate, the couple produced a strapon dildo of his drawer and gave him a Kirsty. Kate and rulertube Kirsty put in and behind me, as Kate, Kirsty, Jen told to lie down beside me. Jens saw the face of pretty to me, and she smiled, as Kirsty pushed into her pussy and began to fuck. I could see Jen with agitationthe force of Kirsty shit and she smiled and told me he rulertube loved me. Kirsty 's face was next to me, as I lay on top of Jen. Kirsty started, Jen and tongue to kiss his rulertube mouth, as they both smiled at me. Kate told me I was going to fuck very hard, because a prostitute, and she told me that the guys were nice to me, around me at ease for your records. She started pushing her big dildo in me, rulertube and slid in very easy because all the milk was. You fucked me hard with long strokes and I could not help remembering that Jen and Kirsty began to laugh at me. Kirtsy told me begging for Kate. " Kate loves most Fuck me," he pleaded. "Please fuck me more, my lady," Kate grabbed her ass long and hard as he could, and I screamed with pleasure as he did. It made ​​me scream and shout at her to him, fuck me hard with his big rubber dick. She sometimes a little slower and open my cheeks with her fingers and then when Irelaxed, slam his cock in me. It made me very near the tip Kate stood before me and began to make the arms and legs reversed. She told me to turn my back like the position that Jen Jen in. Now rulertube I looked and saw his body trembles when she was still with Kirsty in which culminated in her strapon. By Jen 's Kirsty and paved its way to my face. She told me told me to lick her strapon cum Jens while Jen photographed. I am very eager to suck and eat the big rubber cock. Jen gave the camera to Kate, as the photos of Kate told Jen he has to eat cum from my ass. I felt deeply tongue and eating cum Jens all my men and I am very hard, as it did. Kirsty and I sucked strapon Jen ate my hole. I was in heaven. Kate told him to leave Jen and Kirsty. I was there with Kate looked at me and said, lifting his legs as possible. I did and then she told Kirsty and Jen rulertube to keep wide and high as possible. Kate got to me and asked me what I wanted. I said nothing. I got hit in the face. " Tell me what you want bitch," ordered I'm nervous, he said. "I want to be fucked like a girl lover Kate," " This is better bitch" She said, As Jen and Kirsty gave me a great lady Kate has on me. "I like seeing the faces of whores and fuck hard," she said, and so my cock entered...... I let out a sigh of joy and pain. She started to fuck me, Jen and Kirsty, and that prompted more. "Fuck the bitch... it hurt my ass," shouted as Kate beat me. Kirsty gave me a kiss, like Kate fucked me hard and I was starting to get my cock Jens hand. I could not help myself and my own stomach, Jen began pinched my nipples with his free hand to shoot when Kirsty did the same with the other. " Oh, yes fuck me, rulertube Mrs. rulertube Kate", I exclaimed, and Kate the balls squeezed in strapon and I felt a stream of liquid shoots out of the harness. She continued to fuck medepending on if I shake with joy. when she was with me all smiled and put one after another rulertube with me, as did other pictures. Cum dripping from my ass, cum on face and my own juices in me. The rest of the group had seen me coming and they all had taken a picture with me, their tails rulertube side of my face and buttocks. They said they hoped he would return next year and I am sure that both Jen and me. Maybe even before, as Kate sent us Maestra. Tammi.. xxx
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