Rebecca and I were living together for five months when this happened. She is 5. 7 " long, black hair, pretty (almost innocent) face, big eyes, big breasts -. Figure 36 C and trimmed pussy delicious Our sex life was fantastic, they only had three men in front of me and told me that he had " awakened" from his sexuality. loved oral sex and we also play the role slavery, nastyvideotube etc... I loved how he saw msturbate described raped my imagination through a gifted men queue... in fact, I, obsessed by the desire to nastyvideotube see her with another man, with men.... hear about his being unfaihful meet other people who nastyvideotube nastyvideotube had other men... Rebekah loved the imagination, play with her while she sucked and masturbated me.. but I could not be sure that it actually was with another man, his experience was, at that time still quite limited. the great opportunity was when we went on holiday to Cyprus... we lived in an apartment in aTourist site with tavern, marina, etc. n We enjoyed the sun, sea y... sex LTS Rebecca was particularly hot. We went to the tavern, where locals regularly, Stavros, we became friends and helped us nastyvideotube with food Order, etc, etc, also raced boats in the harbor. He was tall, athletic and charming, and I knew that Rebecca liked and enjoyed her flirting. in bed in our view, Stavros had joined us, and Rebecca rogering when I saw... I knew that Rebecca was more than warming the idea. Then the fateful day.... We spent most of the afternoon was incredibly hot in bed and Rebecca, and I want you to enjoy their very Stavros describes... This night only wearing a thin white dress, little white panties and white Stilletos and she had made that extra effort saw his makeup, stunning them. Despite already cum twice this afternoon, I was very excited and anxious about what might happen tonight... exactly I wanted to happen, butHe hoped that would not! The two drank a little better in the pub and talked to two or nastyvideotube three English couples there are other and danced. Stavros then soon arrived and flirt with nastyvideotube all the " wives"... and especially Rebecca. I felt very proud when he was chosen to dance, and it looked great on the dance floor. After Rebecca danced Stavros told me how she came to him and how he was nastyvideotube "hard as hell !".... He was obviously very upset.... and surely catch up. Stavros also asked Rebecca to dance and stared at me as they danced around. Rebecca put her nastyvideotube arms around his neck Stavros, as they danced and kissed her full as the other couples and I was looking at. Then his hands were well formed at the bottom of her cheeks Rebecca hem of her dress and grabbed her pussy lfted ass covered only by the strap as she snogged arbitrarily small. " Did you see your Rebecca? " One of the other British men said: " Yes," was all I could respond, he was almost see it coming... I wasvery proud of her.... the hottest woman there and so wonderful, publicly unfaithful. A few moments later, Rebecca, and Stavros came to the table and, above all, I asked if he would come to our house, we have seen Rebecca.... hot. moments later we were kissing in the house and saw with amazement as Stavros and Rebecca, his mouth open, strong, once it throug the door.... Now apparently was about to happen, if I wanted to stop or not! Stavros Rebecca lifted the dress over her head and dressed now only in her thong and heels White, Rebecca knelt before him and freed his tail his jeans... Christ, it was huge! Stavros was promptly their clothes, and grabbed Rebecca by her long hair, bright as she knelt before him and kissed him, licked and nastyvideotube then nastyvideotube sucked his magnificent tail. What a place, I've always fantasized about, which came into my jeans without even touching my penis ! No problem, as Stavros, allowing Rebecca Faithast on huge cock before collection and took to bed... They pulled the strap of her hips and buried his head between his legs.. Rebecca cried with joy when her pussy licked beautiful, exciting head when he came oh so fast... Then the moment... Stavros was between Rebecca 's thighs and entered her with huge cock slide inch by inch into her pussy ready. Rebecca nastyvideotube grippd, almost weeping with joy, as Stavros fucked up, fucked and force. I sat beside the bed, masturbating his cock in hand again.. was amazing to see, Rebecca was wild nastyvideotube with joy, who come to the tail.. after a while I stopped and sat on the balcony.. It was, frankly, too nastyvideotube much for me... exactly what I had allowed to happen ? Finally, I slept on the balcony, but I have to go to the room in the early morning.. finally falls asleep. When I was almost next to clock 00 awaoke 08th and I went to make tea, but could hear the kitchen... clear, dammit. I intor bedroom and four legs for a place in all Rebecca, her tits under his control fabuous as strong Stavros took her from behind. Rebecca looked at me and blew a kiss as she gets fucked. I got up and looked at me, now openlly straw and soon arrived with a beautiful view Rebecca 's face, distorted by desire, as his mistress motor in the back. An hour later, Stavros and I finally stopped in bed Rebecca, with love, reverence, which was devastated in her pussy and was delighted when he returned, when I licked Clitty... and yes, I try Stavros cum. We were received in Cyprus for a period of three days and a night with Stavros spending again Rebecca... She was thrilled, loved... and I This trip to Cyprus was the first series, but certainly not the last time I Rebecca in the arms of another man ( I saw two men at a Christmas party next year !) vision, but.. was the coldest. For his birthday, along with much more expensiveLingerie paid, I did a little heart-shaped tattoo on the buttocks... the fucking word.... in tiny letters on the inside the N Rebecca had become.... a bitch. And I wanted for him. J
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