WOW! What a weekend pordeo you just had ! It was a cool weekend as long as you had to split the story into three parts have. I'm just trying to get everything down while in my head as part 1 and 2 is completed and published here is fresh. They run on the climatic final part 3 soon! if any, this is the next installment of the pordeo awakening of my dear wife, Sophie. This can be read in the search for Sophie author's husband, and for those who have already read, you may remember, like last time, having enjoyed only MMF, had enjoyed a man and had the MMMF more amazing with our own guy and a young friend. Now, he had mentioned he had some friends who love to fuck and Sophie would be a beautiful 50 years old, mothers, which is awesome, looks 10 years younger and now can not get enough sex was for a mean gang bang with him and his friends, when they could be ready not say that bothered me and bothered me, until it gets! It's hard to belIEVE once timid me, the insecure woman, insecure, could not wait and he had promised, even to do a striptease for her! Therefore, the gym has been pressing both your body and beautiful and practical to strip in front of me.... mmm love it! It makes me wild so who knows what to do with a room full of hot guys ! already have a repeat of our old friend James, the trainer and his friend Tom, pordeo it's pretty amazing how in the last story but there is much talk about the layout of the gangbang, I really have thought of her going to all these young people lining up to fuck! We have set plans for my wife and pordeo Tom could be set at least 3 or pordeo 4 guys together that are for it, would be to get the wait! Now Sophie was certainly the hope, but tend to be beautiful and a wonderful lover afford to be picky and put some criteria that could be fulfilled... Young, fit, no beer bellies, no tattoos or piercings, assumes nont cocky guys, but forms considerate, respectful to know how to please a lady altruistic and should be tested before giving hotel partners, as she loves her pussy filled with cum! not much to pordeo ask ! But is expected to Tom and he could come with the guys on the right and e- mail has been a few pictures pordeo of Sophie tempting to seduce her pordeo So I found a nice secluded cottage in the country is exhausted, no far from Tom and it was the weekend! For several days before it was only in the fire on me, I always pull me in bed! LOL! I almost took them before the weekend started to talk about how they wanted these kids to enjoy pordeo all your pleasure! We arrived as planned on Friday night and the place was perfect, a converted farmhouse, 3 bedrooms, one huge, with a 4 poster bed, which was very nice and sturdy for the pitching seemed likely to take it! It was nice to have a living room with lots of pordeo soft seats, when Sophie would make striptease and probably early in the action! There was also pordeo a games room with pool no table and outdoor hot tub ! After a trip just was just relaxing in the Jacuzzi for us with a glass of pordeo wine before long James and Tom came to us. Just got removed and directly with us.... and so began the fun! Sophie ready to play three hard blows with bubbles and touched, fucked and sucked up the first of many orgasms that she was enjoying this weekend ! Not that her hot pussy very wet and soft, warm mouth to say a bit of tension released by us guys too! N This was followed by some relaxing time to catch up and meet people and chat over a meal rather quickly prepare Sophie walking around the kitchen naked! He then went to bed to bed early.... not much sleep was to be expected ! Sophie had decided, as it would be too out of collective action on the following night, she wanted some one on one with each of us the first night that James was selected to go first, and Tom and then I have to second in the 2 single bedss waiting room next we meet. Soon we find the familiar sounds of my wife slut fucked well and truly in the long term, treated as lovers talk about the next night. Tom told me that his companions were all so excited about it, but really do not believe it at first. The idea was a respectable, damn impressive, middle-aged woman all these young people before her husband in the realm of fantasy for all of them ! ... but the pictures I had taken from Sophie enjoy a spitroast with James and Tom, no doubt convinced that it must contain. My wife shouts louder and louder on pordeo the other side of the pordeo wall pordeo as James was, as always, giving a pair of massive orgasms until she complained and at its peak. Was at one time except for a whisper some softly, and then they were back when he was clearly down on juicy pussy hard fucking followed by some sustained. Yet he has an hour and a half to be with her before entering ourFinding a room and not broken and said, "You 're the next Tom " with a grin. was like pordeo a shot out of bed, ready to enjoy my wife takes out his huge cock and hard rock. Yes, that was the biggest cock Sophie and I had realized earlier fun with it, my wife was waiting for this. Been to James just crashed into bed and fell fast asleep when I heard the sound passionate about the room next door! Tom n should be directly at my wife and pussy until heated in just a few minutes after he joined her, who was panting "FUCK " ear. Apparently, had just arrived in the midst of her long beautiful legs and urged pordeo them completely with a big boost. I put my turn in a constant state of excitement of waiting, but then slept a little excited by a crescendo of screams and moans of pleasure by reducing the perfect tranquility of rural night. seemed, as in the middle of the night, when Tom finally tapped me on the shoulder and said : "It's all yours mate " with a little exhausted smile. When I entered the pordeo room that could be in the pale light shone on me and not flushed and disheveled look. Stains marked the wrinkled sheet, open legs pussy invited me as his huge, red and swollen, oozing fresh milk cries to be filled again! Boy was ready with joy, he heard his lover for more than 3 hours I was rock hard and painful pordeo for her. He stretched his arms and pulled me toward her and whispered : "I love making love " as my cock slid easily into his fastball. Wow, that was a little loose after Tom monsters, but oh so hot and slippery and I was the reason why I thought of other guys wanted to fuck my wife.... Sloppy Seconds -thirds of whatever just always feel so exquisite, and she was always so loving and pordeo attractive, if I am well used pussy fucked ! And therefore multiple orgasm, which never used to, and it only took a few strokes until I feel he would have pordeo squeezed tightly around my shaft with ecstasy! 'Lead me from behind " asked yet wanting more and when I had moved on all fours in a flash, push back and offers me her pussy soaking wet. As I sank into my throbbing cock back into it, I wondered how long it would be fucked in bed the next night and how many young cocks in it would be to push you must have read my thoughts. "Can you imagine all the young wandering hands all over her body and moaning around me here in bed " mocked him " all that hard cock to enjoy my pussy! "He added, as I push hard" oh shit, yeah, leaning over me, as each of them, which occasionally cum..... Oh, shit, "he exclaimed as he approached again clearly thought so wildly settlement range to another rocking on my erect cock. that just made fucking her even when she knocked against pordeo me, encouraged me " said that you really want it all ? "I asked, and once again began to moan: " Oh God, yes, "he exclaimed," pordeo I want a blowjobd fuck all! You look at me, " Oh, and his watch and no doubt I love every minute when I knew she loved him too. I join at any time, but the thought of these men want in a sexy my wife and gave a good time was really becoming a good time. turned around and fell on his back again, took out his legs as I fell into a deep and made gentle love. she looked into my eyes. n " Fuck," he muttered, " That makes me a bit of a bitch to all the guys at once? "" Absolutely not, " he replied, " only a very sexy woman, how can you have fun! " " mmmm I love fun, " she laughed, pushing her hips towards me. I loved him, and it was obvious, so evident in his dreams of these young people are happy about your body lost. I was able to image and was ready to believe all that hard cock explode the looting of my wife hot and wet pussy ready! you could feel that I need to close and knew exactly how to make me cum " I just think everyone is looking to fuck see their big hard cock in and out, give me pleasure, "which at the thought that ran out of breath! " scream fills my pussy with his cum! Can you imagine falling in me? " which is simply exploded in a very intense orgasm, ejaculation so hard deep inside her that was going on with all his thoughts are sent in a massive climax too! His face was shattered with happiness and his fingers dug into her ass! " AAAAAAAH " said yes. they both shuddered and kept my tail twitching deep inside her as she milked the work myself. " Oh dear I love you pordeo " he muttered, just as lay panting in his arms. " tomorrow ", I whispered, "mmmm," she agreed with a tired smile. "and all the hot guys " I have silent laughter she kissed me on the lips : "Oh, yes," she said, before drifting to sleep both..... continued ZoomGroups.com
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