Damn, that happened this afternoon. I was picking blackberries and had enough in my cube when I heard the screech of tires in the parking lot. Looking out of the bushes, I saw this young couple, not only running, but safe to walk very fast. They would have no more than 18 years. Both were thin, loose dress of flowers to the girl, and she could be about 5'6 "with black hair and very nice. I was about 6 ', very muscular and had dark hair. Speed, revealed that they wanted me in some stores -.. if you know what I mean I decided to follow Fortunately, I had not to look at the thorns, so I infiltrated and followed at a respectful distance, which is. decisions for the wooded area. Now I know this place like the back of my hand and also to know where I isolate myself, not observed. reached the wooded area and it was pretty obvious that did'nt go too far because they were so eager to go. s turned around round, until I crossed the place where they had been entered, he stopped and listened. "This seems a good place," he said, "No, no, just grass here," he said. as I said before, I know the place like the back of my hand and had a good idea where they were. I also know that there is a dense thicket of this site, of course. I hid my bucket and crawled blackberries, than Bush. This is a very thick skim Holly Bush, so I try to be near him in a position, which I saw was. rose, kissed her hands and her dirtyrottenwhore skirt and FUCK ME, had black and red lingerie with garters and black nylons. Apparently, she had attracted are screwed. A girl after my own heart, as he was dressed, now bolted in pink panties with white stockings and suspenders, with hope. felt before him, but I could not see where I suppose, but then he saw knealt and run the zipper and the Devils, took him out, that huge tail,was about dirtyrottenwhore 8 "/ 9 " long, but not too thick. Opening of the mouth at the end was taken, and I heard him say. " They do not absorb too long, hairy pussy like me who want to ride that " " Do dirtyrottenwhore you like my cock in your mouth, do not ", Well I was so hot that I went running and pulled my leg hard cock in my underwear. Now it's your praise the grass, her skirt lifted and her panties down and down and then has his head between his legs and I could hear the slirping. A then dropped his pants and then ( it was certainly there is a risk, since it is a public park ), took a condom and went to see so damn slippery, she made up for it. Obviusly adding slipped as dirtyrottenwhore she let out a scream. Slowly, she began to get very gently, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. that was like a good slap on the United Nations in view and could now see, and how I did, I turned around, and a man was stuck behind me with his big fat cockout of his pants. He put a finger to his lips, indicating that I should be quiet. I made a move to pull my broker, but dirtyrottenwhore he came to me and hugged me again and rubbed his hands all over my ass and my panty wearing socks. - whispered in my ear : " You're the best thing I see every day," The couple on the lawn were now on, hammer and tongs, and he called all the dirty names he imagined could. "You I love to fuck tight pussy than yours ", " one of these days I 'm gonna fuck that dirtyrottenwhore ass that" bet " I would have a black dick you dirtyrottenwhore want, horny slut," Oh yes, and much more, not I can remember. Matey behind me, grabbed my hand and grabbed my cock and then whispered, "Should I fuck while we watch this I told him I never met the fat one before and I dirtyrottenwhore cry and such time?. blow our cover. told me not to worry, because I dirtyrottenwhore had to take it easy until I felt comfortable and I cry when he tried his hand on my mouth. s I pulled my underweardown and then broke down and said he would slide his dick in her leg so that he, the nylon slide up and down his cock as he could feel Shagged Me. The condom is stretched ( and I mean directly) on his tail, which lubricates the ass dirtyrottenwhore a lot and then pushed and pushed and eventually came, I have a little encouragement, and his hand was introduced through the mouth. He walked slowly to grind, as we have seen and heard dirtyrottenwhore the couple's dirty talk began, he began to fuck her hard ad I had to tell him that if he wanted to fuck that I have as hard as we have elsewhere. He agreed and I got to wear jogging, but he interrupted me. "You can not go with your runners out, so you can see from behind? ". It was a bit risky, but like I said, I knew that the park so I knew a way. He walked behind me with her tail stuck, feeling my ass as we went. do not have to go far out of earshot of the couple, and I lay on the ground. "Now I want you to slip these panties, increaseds ass left me in the missionary position to get "It was so slippery Presing feel your body on me when he crashed his fat dick right back to me the problem dirtyrottenwhore was, in dirtyrottenwhore seconds spunk over her and my belly but.. t Do not 'stop just keep plowing in and out, until my cock was again. then me standing in front of him, and he raised and lowered myself onto his cock. agaist I was thinner than a tree have the weight of which lasted only minutes, so he knelt with him again close to me only with a shudder and a little cry, he shot his load. When the condom broke a minute later, after stop was shaken, it was full of drops of semen. both dressed and headed back to the couple, who were still in it, was with her dog in fashion this time. I remember when I was that age, I had been shot my load after about 10 minutes at dirtyrottenwhore the most, do not go over time as it did. Back again, maybe it was the second or even third fUCK. dirtyrottenwhore had a lucky girl when he was a lucky man. But I did'nt complain. In fact, we made ​​arrangements to meet again / ZoomGroups.com
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