Before the foundation of this story is the fact, the cat started is not a joke! It was our first time dared to make our fantasy a step further.. I had always been a mad desire to Rachel, my partner 8 years to fuck another man. I spoke openly of years ago, but rach always laugh and a joke, change the subject. Until one night, returning home from a club, both a little drunk, and both very cool, we sat chatting, I told him how I looked in the dance floor, turned against them children refresher told me there was a guy who was rubbing the bulge Inparticular out there, I said jokingly, to do something about it.. Rach I was shocked when he joked, maybe I will next time, when he said that, my cock shot blast threw my pants, Rach took no question twice, I knew I was crazy, she unzipped my liberation march of my flesh began to tell them what they have done with another suck my cock while the sky and play with themselves,it was not long before I shot my load all of your clothing.. Now Rachel knew I was serious, we need to talk much about it, and finally decided how it would happen.. I knew someone who was in line with the law, he is a friend of us knew who he was, he was associated, but not always with her, and best of all, he had a reputation over a cock average a donkey dick some of the girls called him after abit of Rach incouragement agree, I'll try to fix and that.. I called Steve and agreed to pornhubs meet on Friday night at our place.. I was ready to go on my own, when Rachel told me to come to a quick drink, but not stay too long, probably going to work for the next day and did'nt want a night.. I said it was not aloud to talk about our agrrangement until he had gone home, to which I agree.. when we reached the bar, Steve and I sat talking to a group of guys, we got our drinks and sat in the corner, now I have to tell you, Rachis a sexy woman is a small box with a pornhubs couple of corners and cracks 34DD tits that craves attention and is outrageously flirtatious wearing jeans and a low cut black top heavy fission products on the screen.. Steve along with the guys could not stop her, did not take long for Steve to come and sat and talked about different things to rach drained her glass and stood up, who said Steve, another drink. i get to be, he said, Rach discussed the delay, but soon found in. While Steve was at the bar, I Rach, how long planned to stay I do not know, I asked, smiling, I knew this could really happen.. When the drinks started flowing, Rachel and Steve became more flirtatious, held to touch his arm first and then rubbed his leg under the table, I saw everything that had come to the bar, ask a friend to fuck Rach and was already happening before me.. Speaking saw rach do much with it anyway ! which was closed almostTime the curtain closed, the lights went out, the debate started really cool Steve, drunk enough to ask, only if you can rach boobs felt that was, I just say, Steve did you ever pornhubs once was a threesum your answer why, said Steve Rach loook at me, because if you could to come to my house and rach, steve, Iam not a joke said I looked confused, Rachel told me one last drink at the bar pornhubs to get it I was waiting, I turned to see rach whisper in the ear and they both laugh pornhubs Steve, I was curious about the table, where Steve, to ask for a taxi back, we left the pub, it was freezing, so rach is snuggled up to me, are you kidding me steve and hit the back.. Soon came the cab and jumped in front before they even had a mile walk the street, there is little moans from the back, even the taxi driver looked at the mirror, I turned my pornhubs head to see Steve rach and a kiss strong, exactly what I wanted, I had to containMy button was bursting.. Finally we arrived home, we all ran to the house was so cold, put the fire in pornhubs the main room, Rachel had gone to the kitchen, I told Steve, we had planned the night before, I said, just quiet about it . Yes it iam going to keep it from the rooftops i joked. Rachel came in and sat on the armrest of the chair beside me, why not continue where it left off in the taxi cry suggested by Steve surprised by rach refused threw over him and kissed her all over, higher RACHS unloved by their fantastic tits pornhubs on pornhubs the screen, she licks bite steve Rach joke was rubbing her hips grinding against bump Steves. Total heaven is where this has happened to me, Rachel worked his way down, biting his pornhubs manhood through his pornhubs jeans, stood a large penis, rach actually gasped the release of his return, took Hahn raised, rach seized him and began, in his mouth as possible, its position oscillates up and down, Steve muttering Rachel, since she reach for many things, threw me rach a condom stretched over his meat monster before Unitingon stood upon, I saw that she sat with him, inch by inch straightening his cock once in the side view started grinding at his post, as I had my cock and rubbed free pleasure me.. rach put on his feet threw her arms around his neck and began to beat and hard Steves, Steve complained, he told her to slow down, turn around rach entered his back, her breasts pressed agaisnt the couch slowly started to steve and was pornhubs growing fast and hit arsecheek, my penis is now fixed, so I went and sat in front rach, I keep the straw and blow air floating, I wanted everything, I refused and went back to the best moments of my life. Steve stood watch while rach backed into him, told him to fuck over his rythems now faster, before taking a deep breath cum deep inside her, broke next steveRachel, who was standing on I allfours to remove all my clothes, my meat in her wet pussy does, use all warm and I felt sooo good, I beat my pornhubs bitch sexy as much as I pornhubs could before pulling out and shooting cum you all again.. Steve announced that smoking was going on outside, as rach resolved, kissed her and asked if he had enjoyed, 'yes' was the answer, I think t Do not ', his penis pornhubs was so large, was not that great feeling in his jeans well elsewhere, although it was a joke, Steve returned to pornhubs the room, pornhubs I offered to make a drink and went to the kitchen when I was waiting in front of the room to hear the groans and looks, Rach I could see the broad back of the legs on the couch while Steve got over it, jerks his cock in his hand slowly, without a condom and he knelt and pushed pentrated very deep, play with rach Steve told him to fuck her pussy hard, if your fat cock in her screaming hit harder, rach said iam running, oh fuck yeah mand, moan his dog Steve dirty, must feel all that Steve rach cum all over the slowdown in and out really deeply divided, rach his legs in the air with all his flesh, his strokes got faster before he took the chest in the sperm, likes rubbing cum allover rach, Steve seeds spread everywhere.. and that our history is to wish you much joy!
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