My long term partner Lorraine and I have some adventure that spans over many years, but not enough so that in our opinion, deserves the right to be called.. A planned swingers (for my part, without prior knowledge of Lorraine), the other two types of alcohol have been expelled, but all have been well away from home.. live in a small community where everyone knows everything about everybody would make the talk of the town.. A few weeks before Christmas, we were invited to a sleepover at a friend outside the city, which had already indicated that it would be a little more exciting than your average game ? The match proved a dead end, because nobody wanted to be the talk of the town by immersion and vanishes almost before you start.. nexxx We offered to go home to our old friend, Paddy, Paddy was when his wife was alone in her work out on Christmas Eve.. Rice worked as a truck driver and travels between Glasgow and Manchester.. On the way homeHe said he had once attended a now-famous club in Manchester, and compared with live sex shows in Amsterdam.. Lorena made ​​fun of his visit to the club and beggged never mentioned it to his wife, or he would be ready ? We were in a dark unlit country road outside the city, when Lorena, if I could stop nexxx when I needed to pee on demand.. Everyone laughed at him because still doll dressed black pajamas ' s (very briefly through the top, but not see through panties ) covered by a black silk nexxx robe that was tied throughout the match.. She looked wonderful as usual that night, as I said ` entered've an hourglass figure with 36DD tits, best ass I ` ve seen and the wettest pussy I `ve had a little special Brazilion cut by the party.. Rice and I had in the Striped Pyjamas ' s art you normally use to go to hospital.. I left and went behind the car and crouched for a momentthen jumped in the back of the car with the rice and not in front of me.. Since we have only about a mile from home, she said, " it` s too early to go home, go to Falkirk and see if the Christmas lights in the still ".. Fakirk is located about 10 km and is mainly on unlit roads, and two small town is going to happen nexxx very quickly.. All told I was crazy but agreed.. As I leaned back to the car and drove Lorena Falkirk through between the seats and put something in the passenger seat and said, " what do you think ?" I looked down and her panties were sitting nexxx in my seat hand, I swallowed, I knew she would have played so close to home, or rice or if they believed would react and then to remain silent about the situation? ? He said : " Trust your instinct".. Lorena went back to Paddy and said, "you ` ve told us his secret about the club, so I say ' one swing, " Rice laughed and said, " You are joking, "and we said "no do not take a " thenRice said " you have to take this secret to the grave:" He laughed and said, " You two are with me ".. Lorraine opened her dress and then leaned forward to make it slide well and threw him in the passenger seat and said, "Now we believe" In the mirror I could see Paddy 's belly looks Lorena `s, I knew it was going to look at her beautiful ass, and when his wrist was still in her panties were on the passenger seat.. Rice, said: " Oh God, no, I won ` t to say, " Lorena said wisely: " If you kiss me and my pussy then I ` ll blow to be saying that you won` t, as ` be fear d Jean found out "Paddy leaned forward and said :" Paul nexxx "? "Be My Guest, it` s for your Christmas party, "he said.. Paddy on the back is just behind the passenger seat in the mirror I saw Lorena on him leaned over to kiss him, but could not see their nexxx hands as quickly picked it up where they were, like me, an All- knowing Lorena hear moans.. scared me wrongs nothing that I moved to the street to the entrance to a field behind nexxx some bushes and away from the main road.. nexxx We have a spacious lounge with plenty of space in the back, when I heard Lorena asked me to move the front passenger seat forward, and I have it.. It was a very clear and the moon was not necessary to attract the inner light to all that came to see.. Lorraine had Paddy `s tail, and stressing hard and asked him to remove his pajama pants, nexxx and he obeyed quickly.. His cock was average, 6 or 7 inches and approximately the same as mine.. Lorena knelt in the back seat and held the Paddy `s tail and began to leaf through the hot button with his tongue, teasing, Paddy was very quiet and looked a bit like a rabbit nexxx in the headlights.. I put my hand in the pussy of Lorraine and as expected it was swollen, oozing love juice almost half of her inner thighs, and her lips were swollen and opened the hole.. Lorena asked Rice to convey movementstandards of the middle class and slid more than you, Lorraine turned and kissed me and turned to Paddy and pulled her wrist.. before straddling him She kissed his lips for a moment, as he bent over, her pussy was open a few inches from the tip of his throbbing cock.. Her hands groped her breasts, her pussy and ass while trying to simply hold down on his cock, each time his cock touched her lips, she stood a little nexxx to prevent the intrusion, just a little more angry.. Finally, Lorena said Paddy to sit and relax while you relax gently began his throbbing cock in her pussy, then she told him to keep the stock, and that gradually take him.. Although I `ve seen before, at the time you nexxx see another womans Mans cock of his lips and begins to disappear into their holes almost brings me to orgasm.. I could not resist to look a nexxx little better, I had the light on the car keys in. Lorena `s Pussy and now awaitingseen in about a minute of Paddy `s sperm began to emerge from his hole, as Lorena was a contraction of her orgasm.. While rice imeadiatly wanted to penetrate Lorena said she had to hurry, as expected Jean now.. He thanked them both and said never a word of what had happened, and was the best experience I had had ` d.. Rice tits sucked and stroked Lorena `s all the way home and nexxx said he would like to return home with us for longer than he was hard again, but hoped Jean would it be? nexxx When Lorraine and I went home maimed us the other's body until the morning and lost count of the number of orgasms we have shared.. Another brilliant night... More, please, Lorena? ?
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