It is a very exciting story, something that happened many years ago when I was a alone and had more free weekends than I do now. I've been to many nude beaches, both alone and with my wife, but I still remember that day so special, and often fantasize about it. was about thirty years old when, tall and slim, very well after a few browned weeks in Crete. I d summer weekends many of Dorset and is spent on freesexvideo the beach on foot the coastal roads. One hot summer afternoon, I went to Studland, I found myself silently hollow in the dunes and settled for an afternoon of sun, relaxation and peace. is very busy on the beach, but there was nobody in the vicinity of the dunes, only a few men and couples in protected places nearby. After dozing in the back for a while, I have my glasses and when I did, I had the opportunity to the reflection in the lenses of someone gently stroking his hard cock. Although could not see hisFace where I was, I thought I was watching. I found this in turn , because we never had another hard cock in real life (except my friends had seen - but that is a different story.. ). Little by little my own cock began after a minute or so to grow, he turned and stiffened in the So my foreskin rolled back my good acorn, rubbing gently, while one eye reflection of the man who revealed the still jerks his own penis. Conscious of the fact that someone else, who rolled over my forehead, my erection to disappeared and was in my freesexvideo head for a while N. A quick look at my sunglasses told me that the n was the invisible man still stroking his cock, so I turned back freesexvideo and my tail slowly rise again to be filled blood of the state as to apply some sunscreen. In the course of the evening, he repeated a few times - it really impresses me that someone n just my erection and I could see them, but they do not freesexvideo know. If it is time to go home, I sto wear shorts seen Todd and finally, the person I "entertainment" - it was an older gentleman who said something along the lines of " warm today day.. is not it freesexvideo ?" , exchanged jokes and I was on my way.
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Name: Ocynoro Repatyr
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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