Drinks at the bar last night, it was a disco on Friday night so the place was pretty wavy, very talented at all, both men and women, as a bi man that I do well. This is a nice pub, and there is a good mix of customers directly, bi and gay, all the good, as long as you have to behave. After a couple of beers, I went to the bathroom, many people cangrejas there. My dick is a little larger than the cangrejas average in and make no attempt to hide when I'm at the urinal. A man came and stood beside me pee, must have been about 20 years and a good fit, made no attempt by the fact cangrejas that he was haveing ​​a good view to hide in my cock, his average was big, uncut and beautifully proportioned. I looked and he smiled. I washed my hands, as he nudged me and pointed to the cabins. It was at one and thought ' why not ' and after a few seconds I followed. I was too busy to really notice what cangrejas all was happening. if the door opened there was aND had jeans down to open the legs. I closed the door behind me and turned, immediately opened his belt and pulled down my jeans, her mouth around my dick in an instant, I was hot and had half so there is not much for me full -on. sucked like a vacuum, I was not his first cock he was safe. After a while he turned cangrejas and bent, like an idiot had not brought condoms, so there was no way I'm the guy was not a demon. It s the most beautiful ass, a little hairy was on the side, which I love, and I could not resist opening the cheeks of a look he was nice and clean, so with the edge of his hole for him by what should be 2 / have been 3 minutes. He turned around, sat down and started sucking while masturbating. It was not long before I pulled the head on my cock and spunk my load in her throat, I saw him shoot his load about the same time. I pulled my jeans again and when I left, I gave a smile and a quickKiss on the lips. We never talked all the way through the meeting. We saw in the bar afterwards and never said anything.
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