About six months ago we were trying to sell our house and, while my wife was at work, came to see the house of the corridor and take the data. When he arrived there was something about her that I said cool. She was wearing a coat over her skirt and blouse, sitting in the lounge, notes, shared her skirt high and I could see a nice tan firm thighs. She realized her skirt was open, but I do not care - hmmmmmm, I thought. Then he started going around the house and measure everything seemed normal until he entered the room - a bit of a track, and had not gone before me, my wife clean after work. I apologized for the messs and Louise laughed and said not to worry - always leaving things out there. She moved to my wife next to the bed in the room to be measured, and I realized with horror the desk drawer was open night and had my wife vibrator is in sight. Louise looked up he saw then I saw - I 3rat blushed and tried toapologize for embarrassing her. Do not worry, they said they are similar, and I love to work with - at this point to the conclusion that my luck had come! Well, if you want to try, I joked - to my surprise, I said ok and opened his coat and left it on the floor, took the panties and started sucking vibrator looked into my eyes, as she did. I'm out of my clothes in record time and stood before her with my stiff cock. She was at the end of the bed with her ​​mound through her panties visible watermark sat up, stepped back and began rubbing the dildo against her bush and then slid under her panties and moaned. I knelt down and began her panties down revealed a beautiful shrub, I buried my face in that pushed her clit with the dildo slide. It was not long before the effect of my dildo and lick her took her to a shattering climax. She lay in bed, she blushed and said, now is your turn. I stood up, pulled in front of her and the started to stroke for them - with your permission eyes firmly on my tail, 3rat promoting 3rat small and occasional Stokes kisses my balls, it was not long before 3rat I shot my load for her. I was surprised when I took her hand with semen from them and began to suck your fingers clean and " confusion. " Needless to say, after he recoverd, which were taken before shit and spent most of 3rat the morning everyone's brains! She introduced me to anal sex, but maybe that's another story for a leter date ! We sold the house and maybe she has to 3rat return for another visit.... ZoomGroups.com
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Name: Uayd Okofyk
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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