It was a hot night in the camp, so I left my friends sleeping bag for a walk along the lake to drink. A beautiful summer night, not too moist, but not comfortable enough to be happy being alone. When I went to my attention was caught in a move to another field. I was a bit to see what someone would be awake when you use this handsome man my age (18-19) with button eyes and pure white shirt, which was glued to her belly picturesque as well jump into my heart and suddenly was very, very hott. I looked down and realized that I was in the same situation with my black shirt naked in my white bikini, was very wet. I was not sure what to do except watch for me in a little more to see up close when he accidentally stepped on a twig, and he saw me through. He immediately got up and came towards me to whisper, not wanting to wake his family. And rubias19 gently took my arm and led me outside the camp. Once again, it was in the walk along the coast of this beautiful lakand rubias19 was a wonderful man, while I wish I knew rubias19 him better, because I carry my calls very badly. He took his lighter and lit it, to look at me, because I do not see that it could be guessed in the shade. Seeing my face, his eyes lit up and it was very clever even my body glistening rubias19 sweat and his eyes were bright. I asked what he was doing in his field, and told him that I rubias19 saw and I could not stop looking, but I did not say he was sorry, because it was definitely not regret it. I said I was alone and he offered to go with me, I agreed without hesitation. We had gone rubias19 about five minutes when he turned to me and kissed me, his arms wrapped my little body, I was so hott I unbuttoned his shirt as fast as I could, started, and rubbed his sexy pecks and Sixpack fat (eg , a six pack - fetish). He pulled off his shirt over my bathing suit and tied with rubias19 ease unbeleivable. I have the pants as quickly as possible. Sucked me orpples so anxious that I was breathing hard, I pushed him on what was, and kissed her, biting her lip and pleasant pain, moaning, I bit soft, but very attractive all the way to knees rubias19 raking nails all the time with his skin makes him sit, he was so on fire with excitement. He gently kissed all the way to his mouth and he fell back to lick his testicles his penis on top, making it so bad I almost cried trembling with emotion. Even at first began to rub my wet canal, in which case he sat on, the shift in the back and started licking my clit, sucking gently and make me moan louder his request. After he finished he came towards me, ready to penetrate me started, I said I only had sex once before, so Toom his penis and brought it to my vagina expected, partly because rubias19 so hott it was still solid and he said : " it really hurts," I said I liked the pain and do it. soHe worked slowly and then came in walfway makes it very difficult for me howl of pain and pleasure at the same time, when I told him not to stop, he kept going, start slowly, then add more and more speed, cut the pain was so bright I could not see. I was in a world of bliss. Seeing how much she loved me, grabbed my shoulders, I broke it increasingly difficult, rocking us back and forth on the sand soft and flexible. After eroticism was gone in part, and I realized that I was, excited, it was almost like my clit is sucked from him at once in a great explosion. I have never seen such a thing was never heard and never saw him again, never found his name.
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