This story goes back a few years and in fact was the beginning of a more liberal approach to sex in our marriage. My name is John and I when Sandie for about 12 years old, married, Sandie was 32 years old and had 37 Sandie is naturally blonde, but not a blonde, she always had a good figure, and held it, because we have children. rawgonzo I am dark haired and very, courtesy of the sports all my life I am very short 5'8 ", but built very solid and fairly well equipped. That's us, but this story is about another woman! \\ \\ n we were friends with rawgonzo Doug and Linda for a few good years Doug and Linda colleagues and I were very close and Sandie. they were a bit older than us, at the time, Doug fifty Linda was 42. Doug and I had played football together when I was younger and tennis, at last, had always thought that as fit as I was. so it was not a big surprise when he suddenly died after aLunch at your office, just dropped dead of a heart attack. Linda was obviously desperate, and it was for us that he turned for comfort and support. The fact that none of them close relatives does not mean that all funerals, Sandie and I left, it was a sad thing, but we were glad to do it for our friend Linda. Actually came to stay with us from the rawgonzo beginning until they feel that enough had recovered to live on her own again. Finally, Linda took off, she has a job and after a few weeks into his job, while we adjust to return to our own lives. I learned about Linda had a conversation with Sandie she and Doug had a full sex life and adventurous and led, understandably, she was now intense lack of privacy. Sandie and I were quite active, even at this age, sex.... almost every night and day! One day we will discuss our annual summer vacation, which was now 18 months after Doug had passed awaand Sandie and I was surprised when asked if I was, when he invited Linda, come with us in mind " She still is not about Doug, he said: " It is not surprising, of course, but I thought it might be that having themselves, what do you think ? " I told him he had no objections, we had to use a villa on the Costa Blanca, which was part of a cousin, so that the accommodation would not be a problem. Sandie asked Linda, she was so excited that I wanted, and agreed at once, what appears on the face of what was their joint conclusion that never been abroad strange. I'm about at the beginning of September, arrived at the villa. This was at a beautiful place, is not one rawgonzo of the " urbanization", then built, but on the rawgonzo coast near San Javier, near the Mar Menor. had two rooms, both with en suite, large living room with kitchen. had a small pool in the front with a driveway to accommodate three cars couldNo one on the roof terrace. The beach was right outside and only a matter of 5 minutes on foot. We've always picked up a rental car from Alicante airport and took 40 minutes or so on the road to get to the villa. A friend had called earlier and left a neat selection of food, etc. , to save us the trouble of a visit to the supermarket when we arrived. Linda believes that the place was wonderful and called, how hot it was when we arrived at the airport. We quickly changed into shorts and " T -shirts and got an evening with ' breakfast', which had not rawgonzo reached the village at eight o'clock in the evening. I opened a bottle of wine and of course there was a good English breakfast on the terrace in front of rawgonzo the house. I thought Linda looked great, rawgonzo I rawgonzo had a good figure, you can not hide difficiencies a ' T' shirt and shorts! was also one of those women who have sex with beams , could not, without thinking they have a " regular " was. do not think this waset of s, it was quite natural. Sandie was looking rawgonzo very sexy so I was very happy to see me with two beautiful women, did not do much, I know what the future ! Sandie and I love it when we got into bed, and told me that Linda had told him about his sex life with Doug. It was, rather, an open marriage, Linda was an experienced woman who had been entrusted, even as late as last week Sandie, who seek to use a vibrator and compensate for lack of a sexual partner. Sandie, as usual, had its climax when I arrived, and as sexually talkative as usual, when it occurred to her. "How you feeling, dear, to the satisfaction of the needs of Linda while we're here rawgonzo ? " " Are you serious ?" I asked, " Oh yes," she laughed, rawgonzo " I would not mind, I bet you have too often seen me with another man fantasize, right? Well, I thought she and another woman, and when Linda, why do I care? has beenAryan moments of silence, as I have in this proposal surprising, I decided that I was right Sandie certainly had those fantasies, and L : ind too! " Well," he said, " but you have to configure it !" Sandie rawgonzo laughed and agreed: "I do not think it will be a problem, then, Linda quite painful for a good fuck! " Y, my friends I must for now call off their work, but I'll be back very short. ZoomGroups.com
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