My husband insists he will tell you all about my past and my fantasies. Now he has told me to publish my, what I said. He left me to decide if I choose to be real or a fantasy story. I see you've been more or less talk, if the cucumbertube stories are true or not. This is the true story of I was doing with the multitude of camping holidays. was in a casual atmosphere with a man heavily involved in the much younger than me ( TB). We were very discreet about our relationship, however, overall, if we could. looked like one of those occasions. in the course of the afternoon, another man was interested in me. I buy drinks. Stroking my thigh. when we visited TB asked if he would see me later. In response, I just smiled. On the way back to the other (BA) patted on the back. was in a dilemma that I was interested in both. at the time were 3some my experience, but then thought maybe I could have one after another, but do not know how to fix it. , but when asked BAed, when I go to what immediately answered. " You have to wait a while " looked confused, but said "okay " As people move into their stores of tuberculosis made ​​it clear that that he was. thought that BA may change your mind if, why have to wait, but I knew well behaved "later " for me, so I expected, I knew, and felt the warm wetness of the anticipation of execution between my legs. TB took me to his tent, and soon we were both naked. I kissed and licked my belly, loosened her legs open and licking my clit as he sank his fingers into me. I arrived cucumbertube almost immediately. The n raised his head and said, "I know who are always ready, but that was before me tonight," I have not told which became so on, because I, as I wanted done by another person, and even think. was very good licking and running soon, when I discussed it with your tongue and fingers n As she licked my clitoris and vagina. I licked and massaged my breasts. He has never shown much interestbut it seemed to me to deal with them. I made a little noise and wondered if BA thenTB heard round, but moved to 69 to get to me to be silent when his mouth was full cucumbertube of hard cock. cucumbertube When you suck, he worried that I can cucumbertube cum in my mouth. I did not want to take always the plan twice. to make sure it is not far from me, turned, took his cucumbertube erection in hand and pulled him into my wet pussy hungry. but he did not want me and said, " I know you are always a wild woman, but you're too fast too soon I will end if not slow," So long we were caressing and kisses, and I had the pleasure on the tongue. Then he pulled me and I finally felt himself falling into me. For a while he fucked me with her legs around his back, but then went ahead, opened my legs on my shoulders, held her ankles and pushed me hard with the weight of his body. when I started to fuck again, cucumbertube I was screamingAnd he was able to delight BA could hear me now, as indeed the rest cucumbertube of the camp. but I do not care. All I wanted was to be fucked hard and I I felt so heavy, I thought, was going to blow up the air mattress, but it was not that explosion, but, as he pumped my wet pussy anxious. hungrily sucked until I got to the last drop. When it was over I cucumbertube got trapped under it for a while, but then sighed and walked cucumbertube away. I wondered how long should I wait before going to the rescue. I knew I could not stay awake all night, so do not be surprised to discover that I was gone. any case, was soon asleep, and crept carefully to ensure you do not wake up. did not bother to dress just hoped no one comes. was quite cold so my nipples hard and felt as if it could explode. When I entered the shop BA cucumbertube had not stopped at cucumbertube the ceremony. cucumbertube was naked, and I could see long hard cock laying on his stomach than I expected. said: "I thought I heardor never-ending. , I cucumbertube would almost say, "I have ", but then realized it does not mean coming to cum and I knew if I had heard, he knew I had cum more than once. I pulled her to him and so was rampant about him, his teeth sank into my tits, he took his cock in my hand and led me to her. when he kicked me said.. "God, you are wet, it feels good I departed We sat and looked at a few minutes later, when I started to slide up and he pulled me forward sank his teeth into my right nipple, pulling on the left and roll between your fingers. Then he pushed me back that holds it firmly between my thighs and my pussy slowly turned around his cock Cummy. When I took my tits in my hands and stroked me while he watched. n When I started licking me, he penetrated into me and I was running again. I heard a loud air Then he put his hands on my hips and started jigging and Ithe length of your penis. Soon I was saying, " It's harder to make it more difficult. So I went as hard and as I could for him. that was running and asked me if I kept all the time. How it was not unusual for me, I thought it best too vague and I just said. "not always," suddenly he told me that back, turned on the cock and as my hand on his balls, slid his hands under my butt to get me open. When I started to fuck his balls against my clit and stroked it with my thumb. I would have it, a little moan so I thought he liked what he was doing told me then turn around. This time I was in cucumbertube my breasts were in front of his face, but returned to play just seen, as come and go as they fucked. then he put his hands on my hips and held me, so it could reach the full force of his cock inside me. then I keeps everyone moving, and I felt it beginning to end. kept metough on him when he shot his hot cum in me. I, too greedy, suck on my pussy still anxious, until it was finished. When he recovered, he had escaped and left again without saying a word. Like Later, when I thought of the night was that I realized I'd gone now cucumbertube oneaftertheother was one thing I really want to do it again.
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