I want to tell the story that really happened on Saturday in February last year. I am bisexual, I 'm very happy with my wife a couple times a week, but I really like the dog play with other men, a fact that my wife is not aware. Anyway, this particular evening my wife and I went shopping in a nearby town, he was happy to go to local malls, while I could not wait to make my fortune in a public bathroom where he was the last enjoyable experience in. try to I told him I would see in about an hour, while it had appeared from somewhere and have a beer. So I went directly to the public baths to try their luck. Somebody has to look ahead for me in that day there was a boy, Brian, had masturbated and sucked on previous occasions. He was standing at a urinal, while another man, whom I had never seen before was standing at xtube a urinal for two to the left of Brian. Needless to say, I immediately went to the urinals and between them andBrian was playing with his cock, to my delight that the other had a huge drive, too. When Brian made ​​me an immediate ninety degrees to the left, greeted me with a smile and put his cock as hard on my right hand. I started masturbating immediately. Within a minute or two, the other is inching its way to us, I need not invited to grab his beautiful hard cock with my other hand and began to masturbate too. Brian put his hands on his head encouraging my mouth on xtube his penis inside a. Or two seconds to masturbate while I held her ass and pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth ready Suddenly someone in the village, to the surprise of surprise of the three of us, but to pretend that all our joy, but a nervous reaction that nothing happened, croissants Brian nor the other has a blind bit of notice! All of them were, what was that bitch xtube is interestedthem. The newest addition to our gang, was that, far from being ashamed arrived just took over Brian masturbates until his shot hot cum deep into my mouth was about sixty years old newcomer, but a very fresh and clean if you can imagine, and wore a light gray suit track. Then I turned my head towards the guy that masturbates all the time and led his throbbing cock in my mouth just empty, while the newest member of our gang whipped her lower garments had nothing to show that including fat and reveal a beautiful, seven-inch cock shaved. I rubbed my balls while she was having fun and straw to me, of course, a joy to see the other goes on every second on their own to shoot in the mouth. He complained in the ecstasy that only a man who aspires completed smoothly and possible experience. to my great disappointment, that is inserted at this point our friend in the c tracksuitock turned and walked away (I thought it was going to break my own record and that three men cum in my mouth a few minutes of each other ), but it seemed that this will not a... or so I thought. one or two minutes after the others left in the tracksuit, I decided I had enough fun for one day xtube and went, well, you could beat, have a spring to an end, only a few meters on the sidewalk in front of the chapter right track I had thought the game was over for the day. He stopped me xtube and started telling him how xtube much he enjoyed watching and playing with two companions, and then proceeded to tell me his name was John (like me ) and asked me if I like returning home for more fun . Law started telling me anything I had to wear women's clothes and his wife are aware of the fall and had nothing against him, I said why not have time to go with him and he suggested xtube that we both were atIs the service station on the street, as they were generally much quieter than the public toilet. He had apparently been like this before and while he is a very attractive man he did not ask twice. on the platform and the bridge and went from there to the other platform, the bathroom of the station. This was one of the old-fashioned type WC "outdoors xtube " is without a roof. No one was there. We walked right into a stable, where is relieved immediately, even the clothes we had ( basically just a tracksuit ), his body was completely hairless, and rather than see him standing with his huge erection stirring in me that I I 'd want to admit he had 't been with another man. For some reason I seemed to wake up more than usual, I wanted John to me the joy that he had previously given to others. And boy was he to know how! I began to kiss and lick everything, sucking her nipplesass, sliding your finger up and down her buttocks and kissing slit his throat and ear biting our lips met and forced his tongue as he could get in the mouth for a minute all the time that the two full and we were still playing tits xtube fuck each other. I licked the front, his rock hard cock until to xtube achieve glide smoothly in my mouth. He was obviously enjoying our sex is so much like me. I grabbed his cock with both hands at the xtube same time, I made sure that his beautiful memmber was between my lips. Began to slide back and forth. He began to moan and push faster into my mouth, when suddenly reaches xtube a fantastic climax and I could taste and feel his cum in my mouth and feel it hit the back of my throat. We kissed again, and seemed to enjoy the taste of his own semen, she told her tongue back in my mouth. A few minutes, during which he kissed and caressed my body and eventually your path dMy cock, too proud to admit that 's no small thing in itself (over 7 inches long and thick enough) and xtube very slowly and cautiously at first, can pass between the lips. It took a few minutes. He then proceeded to turn around, completely his own dick wet with his saliva all the time very cold xtube start was back and his cock was back at attention, carefully began to finger my ass and opened up which came into me and very gently push forward and backward and came almost at the same time carefully masturbate in front of me and my cock, which was after the first bit of pain now as hard as I know. I have a couple of times before, but not so fucked up, masturbated let alone enjoy it at the same time. What seemed an eternity, but it is likely that only a few minutes later, when I had to leave my fate, and as my cum gushed into the air, I could feel my ass cheeks grip your cock in me, that was pureRapture. xtube I'm back in town and this is the same bathroom several times, but not in the " sexual expert xtube " and he joined. I can only envy those who ! ZoomGroups.com
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Name: Igoyg Soqobo
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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