I have real experience, but not printed, for some reason. I must have put too many details ( oops, naughtytube naughty me - perhaps it should be lost), so here it goes again with an edited version. , while Rob was acting as naughtytube if it were to end up in bed together by chance, I learned the next day I had done a lot of problems to fix. I was 18 and thought I was old enough to fool a mile from the city. I would have believed him when he said that he was guilty of our age difference. " 59 is not old," I said, trying to sleep his consciousness simply contact me, but I do not think he realized how much I liked it, was an old man playing ball, after I escaped my former lover, Bill. I was surprised to learn from their 34-year- old son Paul had been a week since Rob had said. In fact, Rob had arranged with naughtytube Paul, outside the house at night so he could get where he wanted me. I was not upset by the sex with him, only he felt he had to act and lying to take to bed. I would avoid both the next two weeks. Hopefully soon find out what they were missing, but it was the problem, which also lacked both. I always asked by students from other universities to go to naughtytube the pub, but until then always excuses. Some Friday night after I agreed to go. I drank much more than it should. I started making my sad story, a couple of girls who had had a bit too much to drink, and urged me to meet Rob and Paul. It naughtytube was all the encouragement I needed. Any excuse is good to see it was a good idea. I got a taxi home and carry the front door. I was full of punch and the value false, so I was a loud knock at his door and the front light. It was decided that would apologize to me and we reached an understanding. saw Rob blurred through half-closed eyes and raised my finger tremorThey say it, but before he could utter a word, lifted me over his shoulder and took me home and walked through the door shut behind him. "Look who is our little treasure has come home," said Paul, who sat on the couch talking with two other men. I think some of them laughed, but I could not say for sure, because now the alcohol had gone to his head and closed my eyes. When I awoke I was naughtytube in bed with Rob, and he stroked me through the fabric of my clothes. It felt like magic and started kissing passionately. I miss him and Paul, and he knew it. After a while, said Rob Paul had a digital camera and was aware that some nude photos taken of the two fantasized. I had submitted six months before dogging and learned that I am a closet exhibitionist, the idea that she was photographed so hot that I immediately agreed. Rob cries of Paul, who came and naughtytube talked some more about it. He told his friends whereuld to show a little if he was ready, and I began to think of their eyes wet with me. " On one condition," he said. "The fact that they still think I'm asleep. " I was thrilled by the prospect, but was not sure if I look like total strangers at a glance. " You're next," said Paul, and rushed up to her chamber. naughtytube with Rob 's face buried between my bare thighs and light flash lamp in the darkness behind my closed eyes, I do not think it could be much better than that. Otherwise they could not overcome the emotion that blows moaned again and see half-closed eyes, saw the eager faces of men in the same dormitory. Both had their hands in their pants. "Do not move," Paul commanded: "Just out there and enjoy it. " I was still a little dizzy, but did not act as drunk as me. It was a very hot situation I'm in the spotlight. He turned to the two visitorsRob was impressed with his way with me, which in turn made ​​me even more. " You want not, bitch," growled Rob, as if to learn the nod. I could see me wink my eyes half closed, and I winked back smart. I moaned a clay " Yes, I love it. " Then I felt Rob pin pierced my wet hole. "Yes," I groaned again. Then the other kids wanted to participate in the action and referred to Paul, naughtytube who was concerned that might go too far. I stopped pretending and conscience and every time he "came to me," which was used in naughtytube a different position from the other person. They took turns with my body small but enthusiastic. (I did not enjoy it at the time, but I found this perverse thrill of being in someone's favor, was the first indication that I have a kind of sub -dom relationship - read more in the future, however) after the visitors had gone, leaving Paul and Rob at my side at nightand sleep together in the big bed. In the morning when I woke up well, I was alone and milk in the dry and matted blond hair stuck out at odd angles. I felt like a dirty bitch fantastic and could not wait to see the photos. I went to the bathroom and suffered a deep tub with warm water and soap, soaking my pussy and ass to good use. After drying my hair myself and Rob took me dress hanging on the back of the door and down. The house was quiet until the sound of male voices in the guest room. I stood at the door and looked for a moment in silence. Rob and Paul had laid his head on the computer looking at Paul. As I approached I saw Pablo watching images were downloaded. It was shown in full colors, the evidence that the four men were in the house last night is exactly what I wanted. I could hardly believe that I was absorbed by naughtytube these photos, licked and pushed in all hohim. I wet again thinking about how he had been used. I was excited beyond imagination. When he looked up and saw me standing right behind the door, threw me on the knee Rob. "I think our child would like to naughtytube see how beautiful she looks in the photos," said Paul. " Look what you 're a star. " They both knew that I was loved every minute. "You see how much joy he has naughtytube given us ?" I smiled and nodded. The pleasure was been everything for me. While sitting in plump Rob pants, Paul pulled from screen to screen, and Rob had naughtytube his big hand in the coat he wore, the feeling of my daring soft breasts and then cut with the sap oozing from my wet slit naughtytube to naughtytube play. Do not call me anything Juicy Fruit. The closer together the three of us look at naughtytube the pictures, the more excited I became. "Tell us what you want," he whispered in my ear Rob and rub my clitoris with the thumb extended. Completely opened my robe and started sucking my breasts until uncontrolled writhingsent in his lap. Between the two of them, father and son, who wanted what he could give me and I was happy, them something in return. I have much more to say, if someone is interested in hearing how soon I was fucking two old personal slave.
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