Just an update to a previous story. to our friend Bob had gone to France to live and not with us for a night on the road for a pornotubes couple of weeks ago. My wife received a call, but said it was just two days ago, a couple of things and I would like to know. She agreed and asked if I wanted to stay back and he said he would like, but could not, for us until late Saturday night. on Saturday night came and asked if I wanted a repeat of the last night of fun. This ended with Bob to touch her and she swallows his spunk. After a brief discussion, agreed with me that is very, very erotically excited and ashamed of it, despite the next day, delivered, during and after. pornotubes was nearly midnight when Bob arrived and after a quick shower she had sat and talked to everyone a couple of drinks. We talked for an hour or so, and no one had mentioned anything remotely sexual. After refilling our glasses all gently pulling my wife neArere to me and kissed me. was just a waste film on TV a bit. I stroked her back and had pornotubes a conversation down. It was a nervous silence. The casually lifted her legs and put them in the lap of Bob: "Okay," he said. "Of course " he replied. His upper body was against my chest. I took in my hand and slowly sank to his superior and took the chest. Bob looked up and smiled at them. seemed to loosen further. Bob had started to caress her legs, came a little higher each time, until finally stroked her thigh under the skirt. The skirt was rising slowly reveal her white lace panties. turned his head toward me and we snogged while playing with her nipples hardening. The look on his lower body, I saw Bob 's left hand was between her legs. seemed to play with her pussy through her ​​panties. has started to squirm a little. for the time I picked up the top, and leaned forwardfor me. pulled his shirt over his head and off. gently slipped his suspenders down and release the lock of her bra was also removed. lay back on the couch and I got up and walked to the edge to see Bob, as his fingers slid under the fabric of her panties and pussy. spread her legs further and closed his eyes. Your hands arched over his face, as if ashamed. I pulled my jeans, pants and shirt. I knelt on the edge of the couch with my penis stuck to them. opened my eyes and smiled at each other. Slowly stroking my balls then put my hard tail length. I moved a little and opened his mouth. My cock went in and started sucking me as Bob gently play with her. was flicking his tongue around the mouth. Bob stood up and naked. When sucking cock, concentrated between her legs. This allowed her to remove her skirt and panties, then opened her thighs wider for him, he took her to a newshaved pussy. Hold the shaft of the tail is the great red head rubbing between her pussy lips. pornotubes Up and down her wet slit over and over to see me. I could see, spread her juices on his cock. his beautiful and brilliant white skin looked so good. I sucked harder now, and panting, while playing with her. " OK? " Bob asked the two. pornotubes In unison they both said "yes. " waited a few seconds. She tried to push against him, but backwards every time. A then, as pornotubes she held my dick close to her face and looked down at himself, legs, and I need to spread seen, Bob joined the whole thing inside. He leaned back and gasped. my tail for a moment, took the couch with both hands and began to Bob, he forgot to take uncompromising with long strokes. She washed bright red around the neck and gasping aloud as he uses her pussy for your pornotubes pleasure. 's attracted more and pornotubes licked and sucked her breasts pale cream. Going down to the mouth. I could see him sucking her nipples and let them get wet. were each other and then they kissed. His tongue was in his mouth, then I pornotubes could see, with the tongue to fall into it. She sucked cock like a miniature felate question. really started hitting her and came out on top. I was looking around and get my dick. The rate increased pornotubes only slightly, but it was full and pull it back down with her ​​in the handle. Both were very wet with a mixture of juice and a white liquid was all her pussy and long axis stained red. started to cum. He gritted his teeth and shaking, eyes closed, I grabbed her waist as he fucked hard. was still running when I looked at him and asked if he could run on it. " Please," I heard myself say. For me, probably the most erotic moment. My cock was harder than ever. began to grunt and push harder. She looked at me stroking my collaborationck. still appeared in the middle of his orgasm, and slowly roll her eyes sparkle and her body and flushed. " pornotubes I love you" with your mouth that I, as Bob called his name and began to spread. had his cock buried in her as he emptied his cum deep in her belly. seemed to be running for centuries. Trembling and panting, she pornotubes pushed her abdomen. then fell slightly to her, and she began to kiss again. Bob slid his body, kissing and licking her breasts and belly, as he moved, then sat nearby, eyes closed, still panting. that moved between her spread legs. of your entire lower body was sticky and moist. My cock literally fell into her pussy as my body moved against them. The feeling of her juices and hot cum splashed against my skin when they fuck they simply incredible. I kissed her, as he had done. sucked her breasts, as he had done. I fucked her as hard as him. You started another orgasm and I was not far from Cumming. Bob then had moved to her and knelt, as it had earliermind, in the face close. his thick cock was still erect and bright with semen. stroked her hair and looked at me pornotubes with her where she went straight. My eyes on the tail was arrested, as he started to shake, hung there for a second near his face, which was a few inches from her. your eyes open and shook his head slightly towards him. When I saw pornotubes took me for a second and then slowly opened her mouth and so close to me, I could every vein on its axis to see it slide into it and sucked. pornotubes Her head pornotubes was very tense, as it slowly in and out of his mouth. his lips and his cock pornotubes was shiny and sticky. everthing seemed to happen suddenly. I felt started to cum, she shuddered and squirmed while another orgasm and Bob said gently masturbate his cock his head still down in the mouth. She moaned, groaned and Bob called me the second time that night, when he was in another blast of cum shot. pornotubes This time the mouth. For me, inches away. I could have to see the bombs as he swallowed. had semen in it and felt it start to leak around my shaft and thighs. as moved, still dripping and dripping into the mouth. swallowed his tongue and licked the cream dripping at the end of the tail. Bob walked away and sat down nearby. My cock is unbelievable back to life and fun left in her pussy. You just ran out still, as I fucked her slowly again. was so what I just saw pornotubes that within one or two minutes I woke up again. Then, together, simply. Bob was like before and was not mentioned. was the next morning, but said he would try to call back and see us soon, but gradually settled in France.
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