Hi all, I'll give you all a little background information. In 62 years, retired, separated from his wife and live in flats and twice I had some meetings in my quiet time I had a knee replacement at the end of January this youngpornvideos year. When I went to the hospital for the operation to go to the theater reception, then you have op, then go to the station, had an epidural, so awake. I was in a bay, with five guys who all had youngpornvideos hip or knee. the man in the bed beside me, I realized he youngpornvideos was called Stan. All complaints and talked about our jobs then it was time to visit. Now the story begins. The first visitor was a woman about 60, 6 feet heels wearing a tight skirt, high and very smart and a youngpornvideos jacket, to all who came and gave us a window seat, every eye was glued to she was in bed the next window, and when she said hello, a new face, she went and sat next to Stan for me. do not think anyone had seen their visitors come, my family came to me, but all I could do was look down as if still willing to Stan turned to me and said it was his wife, Carol, and she was the boss. I said, women are in the head and the rule in most homes, changed the subject, and talked about jobs, and it turned out was a sparky, before retiring. I said I was a sparky. The next day, Carol returned, and everyone looked back, sat in a conversation with Stan, youngpornvideos then he looked at me and said hello Paul says that standards are an electrician, a shame on the bench, and that you could do with one of about 6 weeks. had to be opened in youngpornvideos a tight white blouse, I cried, my visitors came to me no more was said. He was released the next day, rules, another woman approached him. ting had left the room as soon as all the youngpornvideos standards went to his wife, who are all former 60th NOW. advance today.... I got picked for medical home this morning at 09. 00 to go to physio, I was waiting at tthe waiting room when it comes to Carol and standards. I greeted them and saluted again. Carol was dressed in baggy clothes, but I was late with my treatment and about 15 minutes, came back into the waiting room to wait for transport home. Csrol was alone, and she beckoned me youngpornvideos to him. I sat down and said, how are you, you feel me some front mounting socket as quickly as possible. we talked and I said, I can ride or could still come after you. no said, I've been wanting to improve standards, but he always says he can get on the floor, I said, I can not, but it takes a little getting back up, they said, can stans tools. said you could do today, if I stay home, I said well, I'll try, I went to reception and asked them to cancel my ride home. showed me where he parked his car and gave me the keys to move, following behind with Stan. said, did not take long to get home, we've finally moved to a smart price bungalow, on the outskirts of the city I hobbled on crutches into a standard in his limping, I asked if I wanted a drink and I said, please, tea, Stan took me around the house showing me the different versions, a change is necessary. I left the room while I went a few tools. I looked around and I noticed a tidydry front of a radiator. it was a pair of black stockings and black corset youngpornvideos fashion two. Carol arrived with the drinks and told to sit and tea first, and then sat up quickly and said I need to move my underwear, he said, is a long time since I saw him, I said, still a very sexy, very happy stans do youngpornvideos with it. Stan came back with a screwdriver and pliers, Carol said that Paul was simply commenting on the underwear.. drank tea and Stan and I went to change the spark plugs. Carol came into the room and sat on the carpet in the room youngpornvideos shuffling in the back, told standardized, do not forget that one side of the bed, finished into the room and changed two in the kitchen, said Stan, the one in the bedroom is the last. Stan led to the bedroom and when I came, Carol was standing there in youngpornvideos black corset and stockings, looked at me and said : Fucking Hell...... Carol said, do not be surprised at just us older generation, that things how are you, who has a hot tub, and I was there and saw I had physio in sweat pants and shorts my cock disappeared and was clearly visible, as it began to move, he said, sitting in bed before falling, its then that I realized it was a newer version of the old type with large sticks in the corners. I sat down, and Carol said, like I said, only a fool would say no............................................................................... Carol took me home today to 5........................... O BUT NOT YOU TELL ME A LOT. This all happened today, Friday May 13 unlucky Friday the 13th AND NO.................
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