Here in the history of ' old friends ' my last is to come. After the first meeting with my friend for a long time nothing happened. In any case, a year later came the opportunity. A rock band that he loved to do to play in London. So I asked my friend if he wanted to see. So did I set out to be a weekend out of London for them. At one point, and we have both a train and headed south. We found cheesecaketube the hotel easily and recorded both had been drinking on the road, as shown by the time they were happy. I told my friend who needed a shower to cool off after the trip. So I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. They undressed and had my shower. I put on a bathrobe and went back into the bedroom. My friend was sitting in the chair. He had been out a couple of drinks that were on the table beside him. I went to my bed and lay on top. I felt very good and clean and had to play my balls in hand cheesecaketube with them under my mantle. My friend at that time was not looking. heHe looked out the window. My cock began to grow as I continue to play with me. If my gun was fully grown, he slipped out of his robe. They rock hard and throbbing. I called my friend for more than a drink. He cheesecaketube turned and saw my 9-inch model is stroked. cheesecaketube said. "I knew something was going to happen," he had in the cheesecaketube drinks and put them in the closet. I took a sip. I asked if he could touch my penis. I said, ' You do not think we're all in this way for nothing! "He came and put his hand around my throbbing shaft. I stood there while continuing with his hand slowly up and down my length. He was very friendly. For his finger on the top of my helmet so it is with precum leaking. leaned over and took the bulbous head in cheesecaketube her mouth and licked the end. I was in heaven. his other hand had to move the starfish and slipped a finger inside me. 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He let slip that was cheesecaketube running. I SAIdentification empty the bag on me. I want to feel cheesecaketube hot cum in my right muffler. He quickened his pace and drain salt load in the ass pain. I shot my cum all over my chest and face. I drew my cum and licked my fingers clean. I felt his cock slip and the hot liquid running down my ass crack. I bent down and licked my hand a little and tried. The sky.
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