My wife Sam and I are in our forties. both in pornotub form and the kids are out of our hands. We have in recent years to house parties where there was a lot of secrets and touching at times a little more. We talked about it and always find it interesting what a sexy session, but until recently have never been seen having sex with anyone else. Our best friends, Ann and Steve are the same age pornotub as us, and have always believed, but never more than a quick kiss goodnight grope, meanwhile, has big legs pornotub and big boobs, but never thought I would to to see them. One night we went to one of our favorite restaurants and had a wonderful meal and much wine, we returned to our home in a taxi for a drink and coffee, they survive only a few doors, and Steve, said in a moment of courage, who had a porn movie he and Ann had seen and found that it had really become and want to get a loan. To my surprise, Sam said to go and anything canat a glance. A the few minutes she was back, and saw a very good sex with good looking men and beautiful women actually in them. I could do it with the lights in their eyes, Sam, I like everyone suddenly announced he was going to make coffee and Steve will help you find suspects shot him. As soon as she entered the kitchen, Ann and I were kissing on the couch passionatly soon I had to open her blouse and she had beautiful breasts out of her lacy bra to undo my pants and released my hard cock in my hand I found the middle leg skirt dresses, they look fabulous quickly pulled her lacy underwear and turned his head on the couch, knelt on the floor with her ​​ass in the air, he said hoarsely, please let me was back. I'm behind her and she was so wet, I had no problem with it the feeling of my cock was fantastic, I could not believe my luck. All this must have had some time I looked, and were, to my amazement and fear, Sam and Steve stood at the door, I panicked and started shooting us, but Sam says he does not pornotub stop we did just that and entered the room watching us, this was my enthusiasm and, of course, Ana, started because the we were both so that the most intense contractions pornotub I've come to see pornotub for quite some time my wife Anna and Sam husband, to my surprise, came to our site, and patted Ann and ran his hand and Ann touched the breast increases. Then we both went obviuosly embarrassing condition we were in our dirty but Sam came to our rescue with some tissues and said to get to the bathrooms. back and not move, but not said, and soon after left. We had, as usual goodnight kiss at the door, but this time there was more passion, the girls always kiss on the cheek, but tonight the kiss on the mouth and I thought his tongueing each Steve, pornotub and I shook hands. When they left, the pornotub unit of Sam, who was behind me srood put my hand under her skirt andmy finger slipped on the wet hole I felt, he said, is full of sperm, and now I want there, so we had the best fuck ever !!!!!
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Name: Pioa Ooqi
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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