Hello together boobtube My name is JJ - read these stories for years - and we thought it was really, some of my real life experiences add to the mix! I have seen many things during the years of adventure with his former girlfriend, my wife Jane and even strangers. This happened in 2006 when we were on holiday on the Costa Brava, Spain. I have 34 and my wife Jane is 43 years old, she is boobtube brown, about 5 boobtube feet 8 and has nice big DD breasts, which are its best feature, since in general still not fixed and static. How many men on this side, I wonder about Jane regularly with men, i masturbate furiously to think about the strangers in it. It has not happened yet complete, but soon, I'm sure! I do not think it would be for them at first, but I know I could be convinced over time... Anyway, had been drinking in this Spanish city, and it was like January 00 clock and decided to return to the villa, with a shortcut on the beach, which was off. We passed a couple of young couples sat on tstacked chairs and led into the distance. I knew it boobtube would not be good in no time. continue along the beach, where there is a high wall and a slope, head back to the main road. I took Jane and began to kiss boobtube her deeply, and dug into her big tits, she wore a black skirt and a thin cotton top. We sat against the wall and started making my pants unzipped and pulled out my hard throbbing cock. Jane began to shake outdoors, loved every second of it. Her breasts were fully exposed, and now I was a good old grope, while shaking my cock. My heart sank when I saw a man in the distance, on our way. I said no, Jane, as I knew it was going to jump and throw the clothes back. She kissed me again, so you do not see the man and continued with their breasts in hopes that he saw when he was playing. View I could see that he starts running slower and I'm sure it was always a great look at House of Janerful tits. I pushed Jane 's head down toward my cock and suck him. I pulled her long dark curly hair, so I could see calling my bell end (and hopefully our stranger could see). Now I had all the way now, and disappeared - Jane had not noticed. When I was in the corner looked to see the guy stopped and watched us. It was on the wall about 15 meters from us and stood with their backs against boobtube the wall, watching the show ! I looked in his direction, but could not see his face clearly, as it was too dark. Jane was angry cock sucking, i, in order to kneel with their backs against the wall, decided that I was with my hard cock in her face - Jane could not see the man at all times. He grabbed my head and took her pretty face. It was my wife, oral sex, topless and in me as a stranger saw in the distance - I was in heaven! I knew I wanted it, but of course I dared not say anything! me upJane d bow and made it - I pulled her skirt to her waist and took both her ​​pussy was so wet - probably the wettest of all time ! I was away for a few minutes - I thought with a look at the man asking what I thought - at boobtube boobtube one point boobtube I turned my head and stared at him, while I rammed my cock, fuck my wife - that was the stuff of dreams! I felt him coming, and I do not want it to end boobtube so I pulled out and the sand and Jane left him for more than 10 minutes or less, which is boobtube without doubt many of them came. When I looked up the guy now had his own cock to jerk away, being almost out of sight of us. It almost sent me over the edge, so I returned to my wife and took her to suck probably 30 seconds before the shot my creamy hot load all crammed into the open mouth. Spit my cum in the sand ( do not swallow ) and put back on the sand - tits and pussy show yet. When he disappeared for a look that man was, i marared, and when you cum... We got up, dressed, and walked along the beach after our wild fuck session - my dear wife has no idea we had been watching... that is, until I happened to mention, when we returned home. "Why do not you tell me " - "You dirty boy," she said finally, smiled and said, 'Oh my God, that means we're not dogging it were true ! "We had a great fuck that night - which for me to believe boobtube that she enjoyed her wild night on the beach I have many more stories of similar events exiciting, I have a good time writing this one was going to put more soon !
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Name: Ynofyd Akuqiu
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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