An incredible but true story, I wanted to tell for some time, but secretly enjoyed the many stories here and have decided to tell the story here may be a little confusing for some tastes, but I think exits it yet. I'm in front of me, though. My wife and I are in the early forties who have lived in the small town for a while. My wife Carol is a lot, I suppose, what we call pornony a "mom " type, not swingers at all costs. Carol is attractive to men, blonde with a complete picture ( very large breasts and a big fat ass ). Carol, if not men, but to show care and in fact is very naive to the ways of the world. That's how Carol was a willing victim to an old pervert, I guess. But who would have thought to be the local representative of all people? Shortly after they had moved to the village of Carol worked in the creation of a social life, this consisted mainly of helping the party, etc. , in the ballroom. andIt was there that the cleric coward, a man in his sixties with a listening ear and a proprietary solution for women, their concerns are met him. Carol was joking that you will be eating too many sweets, apparently, was enough for him to make a personal sermon you need to provide discipline and inner strength. The truth is that pornony it feeds my head unsusppecting wives with a lot of junk that I will not bore you with. But his real designs, where the scourge of my big ass wife ! Carol was not aware of this day for all evils, bless. It also gave him the benefit of the will to lose a few pounds. "It's a decent man, well," he once said. Tueday was a night after returning from work that day Carol approached me for his help in the ballroom, which pepare of a function the next day. Carol had met the minister has mentioned, but said nothing more. At bedtime, when she returned from the bathroom to the room, I saw opened towling her dress exposing her gorgeous big breast and saucer and pink nipples. let it slide to the floor Carol came to get her nightgown and that was when I saw the red buttocks. Of course I immediately asked him what he had done. I was surprised when he began to talk of " therapy. " Altered and shy as my wife explained it as if it were nothing at all in a big way. The priest said a very wise man with a good old-fashioned ideas, and he pornony had offered to help her become more self -confidence was disciplined. In the parish house this afternoon, I learned that I had lost my wife in her Arous, when she went reluctantly to his lap. It had been suggested tken mid-thigh pants then Carol had laid his hands pornony in front of her thighs as she hit her then six times with a leather lingerie strap on your floral ! The pastor suggested that she let a follow up session may be required. Carol told me pornony it was an appointment for Friday pornony 19 is inended To keep the clock 00 in the ballroom, a " 1-1" itselfssion he called it. I said nothing, but I love my wife exitement but gullible felt exploited in this way. I took before walking the dog near the room pornony that night, I would, if December 59 were pornony in the small room at the rear of the building were wondering, that served as an office, and had a window in the back , which seemed to open fields, it was winter and dark. Perfect ! That night I took my position near the window, there was little danger disturbed the curtains, pornony but when I had the good fortune to be thrown overboard, they retreated too, because they were not properly secured. It was chest high and I could pornony clearly see in the room. Carol with a blue blouse and dark skirt Sitting in conversation with the wicked Rev, as he sat opposite her at the table ( it was just a table with two chairs and a cupboard in the room. The talk is gone forever and began the very tedious, I could only hear muffled voices was what the conclusion pornony of all thislost on me, but I hope he was again the pseudo -clerical talk Bullshit! Finally, Carol greeted walk he did, and then said something to download. Carol looked stunned, but confirmed quietly. My heart raced as I realized he said Carol removed her blouse and bra and skirt! My heart was racing and soon I pornony had a painful erection that lasts more than Carol Gran turned without the support heavier, her nipples stood up in the air. The skirt was next, and soon Carol was standing in nothing but her big pink lingerie, but close. Carol said that support attention, something that was said, a little music, marching in a tape machine and Carol has been in place for about 5 minutes, her big tits bouncing everywhere was running! The pervert was enjoying the view was allright and encouraging them lift their legs higher, "Marketplace " Soon Carol was allowed to leave his pornony next trick, produced a tape measure and went to my wife's actions, as re-at attention. The music was gone and I think that the conclusion of the talk was about the weight back. Much attention has been paid to compete in the F- Cup breasts. Nextly produced a bag from a school cane and Carol argued in vain, before forcing him to contact the toes. God, what Carol bottom bounced and shook as she has 6 hard spines. There was no repeat sessions, but sometimes I wonder how many other housewife gullible and naive has allowed this man to him, she cheated pervert?
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