My wife, Jane, and married three years ago, my wife is 23, but I have 36, this is my second marriage. My first wife was not to have sex with men, and it was my second wife, or so I thought she was a virgin sharmota when we married. My wife is 5 feet 5 inches tall with atheletic body and larger breasts of its frame. I've always had many sexual fantasies with my new wife, fucked by more than one man, and always about guys who have big cocks that I, I'm about 7 inches long and quite thick. live in quite a small city in the country and have an active sex life, filled with lots of imagination. One of my favorite fantasies, that my wife gangbanged by local men of the city while blind folded, so they do not know who your fucking, the hot part for me is that they do in the city, which took their rides. One day, suddenly, my wife told me she would be willing to partcipate in my fantasy, I said I had to bes think about what would be a long time and finally decided to give it a try. 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Since that night, we have repeated the same thing every Friday in the last 64 weeks without pause, six different men every week. Nobody ever said no to me, when asked to participate. Of the approximately 2. 500 men living in our city, proud of my wife by 384 of them (not always sharmota so wild) and plans to continue as long as supplies last gets fucked. When sharmota I walk down the street with him, I can say that they asked a man if he treats her look like a bitch, hit her and put his sharmota cock in every hole of her body. She tells me it's the most incredible feeling of not knowing who had.
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