If not already done so, I suggest you read our history was written in January third a little long winded (as is likely ), so I thought I'd write this up ( since it seems that you enjoyed my oporn original invoice ) to fill some gaps and details, and oporn yes, there is a true story. I must say I am not writing this just for entertainment, but I need someone what happened and how proud I am telling my wife sexy and get rid of them. I 'm also waiting for some answers - questions like, if my wife how the hell I can do ( and see) fuck other men love it when my wife loves me, how could I do, ? How I became jealous and hurt, and yet it incredible ? I am a coward, so my wife having sex with other men?. Etc, etc But the story back. After that first night of talks with Jill, what had happened, we had enough time to explain to Jill and keep coming around the head before next Friday. Jill told me that her dress a lady online sex shop that Mike had paid for and delivered to the publication, for those who still have to change. The first Friday said Mike to tell his friends that he had something never done before, and if it fails, if not treated well, or if oporn you just lost your bottle at the last minute, and then call it off and they leave. She was very nervous, but a few shots of courage, Dutch, and some soft stimulus did go a little more relaxed with them, and of course I was a little excited himself. That first Friday night said the men treated her gently and gave him many accolades, and slept well (once again, helped a few more drinks oporn ). Thereafter, oporn the following simple and Fridays always enjoyed her role as a sexy girl. After the first Friday that he had found it and saw what had happened, gave Jill, that knowledgeI saw made ​​him feel a little " weird" and can be deterred. I just said "OK" and let it go, but they must agree to give me all the details of what happens next. Of course, I 've seen, but I think Jill to believe that I am not required to be more relaxed, and she never asked again. It later emerged that, as Jill said so busy and distracted by the attentions of men, never thought about it, so it was not a problem. that on Friday, that secretly my position for the bottom of the window with impatience to see the evening shows. As usual, it was a mix of emotions, but with time the feelings of excitement and joy that usually do not replace the negative oporn - I can still explain or understand how or why, but I started really proud of my wife sexy. I stroked my own cock, as my wife stroked and caressed by the people oporn watching. She had been with her hands on her legs, fEel tighten her pussy and ass. He pressed her boobs and optimize their nipples. Then finally, I would see and masturbate as Jill stroked and sucked his cock, then fucked in various positions. Friday is usually described using the same format as in my original story. Sometimes you have to be a different person in the place oporn of oporn one of the first four to the poker table. Jill began to serve your baby always in the same sexy maid costume, but later began the night as events going gets tough (and Jill a few drinks themselves) who dropped the robe and was naked except for their stockings and high heels. Walking was not too naked Jill has a problem when she was on holiday often nude beaches, and Jill does not like him admiring glances. Jill looked good. In recent weeks, had a little something to eat less and exercise a little more, and now had a beautiful body, trim and tone, especially for 43 - Iar old. I always had big eyes and skin soft, smooth, with her pussy, because for some years that he had shaved most of her pubic hair, well trimmed so that oporn only a small patch on top, and completely shaved there . All warm-blooded man would find attractive and sexy. All the guys made ​​sure that oporn Jill has a lot of physical attention and compliments, (at least until recently, anyway), and Jill was flattered and encouraged - told me later that sulk , walk, talk and complain and act like a porn star making fun of men and eggs in it, and liked to do. tree "sex. " ( As I call it - see the last story ) was usually the beginning of time, but could vary, with Jill sitting on the lap / cock while sucking on the next, instead of oporn bending, and then is going to repeat them all. sometimes ( and later more frequently), that gets fucked on the table there. always had at least one OTRthe cock for herself and / or masturbating while sucking, and more often, two more. Jill told me ( not knowing of course I saw it all by myself ) who especially liked to shake them come in your body and then rubbing the oporn cum on the tits and belly. She said she considered it a matter of pride oporn to ensure that all people had fun and was satisfied. When he arrived home later, and after the shower was Jill always true to his word and told me all the details, when he had sex or if I could see he was tired, she masturbated me one, for what inspires me more horny tell me what had happened. As I said in the original story, Jill does not always reach orgasm, although often the men that they had, but still fun. Jill was the kind of woman who does not always have orgasm sex with depth, but often need clitoral stimulation, so I was glad to be home (which I could do for them to meetdo not allow her to other men ), the two were still not fully happy and satisfied. But as I explained in the last story, on Friday night was less encouraging for Jill so that finally brought it all to end. Some oporn things oporn have obviously had this experience, however. First, both Jill and I enjoy very much for having sex with other men. Second, although it should be a shared experience, Jill does not have to feel comfortable knowing that I, and especially do not agree with me, being present, because I could not relax or " conduct" with another man, even if that means something like that happen again. From what we know how to get around it, like a discreet camera for movie DVD so oporn I can / can see below, or simply by Jill for me, all I say is when we are alone spoken in together, or could somehow find a way without Jill keep an eye on me. Jill and I also enjoy her sexy dress and role play, and we have thought and fantasy scenarios : a secretary, housewife, housekeeping, maid, etc. The practice and problems ( such as safety and security Jill ) involved with the establishment of something, it may mean that the experience of Jill as a sexy waitress was a time - we'll see. On a final note, Jill, has obviously had some input and read our history, but want to make some observations: - 1) do not like the word "bitch " and wished it could have titled the oporn story of how different. Jill and I apologize to all who find the term demeaning to women. 2) in connection with money, Jill not accept paid just to have sex with someone (like a prostitute), but have since been paid for his services as a waitress, that seems to be in order, payment or bonus to the improvement accept for their " extra services " - are something we have to take into account if we have to do other similar experiences, wand do both, hopefully. ZoomGroups.com
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