I am in total shock ! I'm just a little more of my beautiful wife, who at first found, humiliated me, but now, I really awake. Serena, the wife of five years themetart is very beautiful, she is 31 years old, tall (5'9 " ) blonde with amazing breasts and model. It is very quiet and calm, and can be described as very conservative. She themetart always dressed sexy , but it always seemed as if he did by accident. (if you know what I mean - in fact, did not seem intentional) went together for four and a half years before we married and part of a large circle of friends. She was / is a nurse and lives in close social circle with four other sisters, whose house was across the hall to another nursing home, the other five nurses housed. As you can imagine, this was a bit of honey in a pot male admirers. And not a few of the men were suspended from their homes to friends of mine. I had improvised parties at all times. And many properly organized. a FRIEND mine once said : " If there is a security thing in life is - is a nurse. " They used to have a lot of policemen and firemen come to get the parties, because if one of the nurses was a firefighter all his fellow firefighters that come along. Two weeks ago I was having a drink with some of my colleagues in the bar and talk about breasts ( not unusual in this. ) Then a guy I really do not like to say, in passing, that "Nothing is better than Serena tits. " I had to say : "What themetart do you mean which means" With these words, frowned and another friend, said quietly : "Tony, I remember... schstum the agreement". "What are you doing? " I asked. "Nothing," he said. "Oh, come on, Tony has to do breasts Serena? " "Everyone. " It was Adam 's response at the end of the table. "How is it possible," said Adam explained how a drunken night before Serena and I were married, they had the girls in the game " Sip ' n Strip ' and Serena had said enough acid. The other girls for a bottlefew rounds, but Serena seemed to make her whole again. He went on to explain that defrauded the cards so that Serena loses big. He said that allowed their clothing jewelry, but still had her mini -skirt in no time. "I never forget the little black underwear ! " Jokes Tony. "Son of a bitch", I thought. "Well, she has to go now?" I asked nervously. " Do you really think that will tell you - it never agreed to that themetart ? " I have told you now need to know the whole story. Adam was the... "Well, we were all kneeling in a circle and Serena lost again So she knelt up and very, very slowly pulled his shirt over his head -. themetart And not wearing a bra again knelt down and not try to cover their fabulous breasts when the environment in a chorus of wolf -. pipes even arched her back themetart to us, " " This is how we see her breasts -.. Sorry, "" Oh Great... " murmured. He said: "And the thread themetart someone like you ? " Adam emphatically, "No way, thatwas his friend ! No one touched him. shame " " Crying, "said Tony. " But I themetart have to go home with her ​​panties in order. " " She pulled her underwear too? "I snapped. " If... sorry... she has, "said Adam. And another shameful fact that I knew I had pictures of all stages of undress. It seems that he remained naked for about 2 hours and drinks always went to these men. Sun.. four of my best friends and strangers three have my beautiful (and seemingly shy) seen the woman naked. " you have seen all the chest exquisite and perfectly cute little kitten ! "I thought. that I have not asked about it yet, as I have done it in a different light and has done wonders for our themetart game of love!
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