My wife is expanding its horizons. My wife (Dee ) Do not know, I assure you. We are a couple of the late fifties. We've never taken someone else. Our sex life has always been very good. Of course, occasionally we had to take a new direction that we are always with sexual fantasies. I woke up to touch it and looked at his face contorted, as with sexual fantasies. When the orgasms she opens her eyes and looks at me. I learned how much fun that I prefer to go first, because I find that the tension in his face a real power. Then I matureup would force them to tell me what I thought and use it as a starting point for my thoughts sexy. Recently, I began to fantasize about her being fucked by another man. I love, I say, as I have thought of that. At first he was horrified, but gradually seemed to enjoy. My fantasy was always thinking more and more violently, and then she began to think about having sex with a strange man I had cautiously raised the possibility ofactuallly sexual contact with a stranger. They totally rejected at first, but after a stop, while she does not say. I then suggested that we contact under carefully controlled conditions. She reluctantly agreed. I put an ad explaining what we wanted. We have several answers, matureup but jumped. He sent a photo, sent us photos. I called the man, a thirtysomething person. We discussed in detail what matureup you were looking for and agreed to the "rules of engagement". My wife loves a very modest amount of power ( but no master-slave -business ) and wanted an absolute hygiene. So we rented a motel room and called Mike's room number. matureup My wife was nervous and a little nervous, and frankly, I called Mike and I opened the door. The perfect gentleman. He came in and shook hands. As agreed to take the initiative. " OK, Dee, I'd like you take off your blouse and bra, please," hands Dee were shaking as she opened the buttons on the bLice and opened her bra. Despite her age, she has boobs (big, but definitely not matronly ) and yield little. " Mmm, look good. Please keep them and feed them to me. And I suck, I want you to look your man in matureup the face" He leaned forward and began to suck something about them . Dee saw me. It was obvious he loved the attention. His eyes were half closed and her breathing quickens. I am excited and my cock began to grow. Mike was stopped after a while. "Now I want that we face and take her skirt and panties and give them to me. " Said Mike Dee. You did. slowly twisting her panties down over her legs, which is very sexy. As he stood up, high heels stockings and suspenders. matureup The hair on the Pussie done well ( I do not like matureup pussy nude). Mike took the panties and sniffed it. " I can smell it's hot. Imagine a leg and put me on the couch next to me. " It Dee. Her pussy was almost in the face. He rubbed his nosegently on her pubic hair. Then he began to consider carefully with your fingers, your slot. Obviously, it was succulent. He found her clitoris, because their fingers are in one place, and began a low moan. After a while he stopped and told her that she kneels on the bed with her legs open. She has a big ass, I do not care, because hitting them, as I take it doggy style. The ass, we could see his lips hairy. Mike came out and started with the fingers up and down her slit again. Having done a couple of times, stuck a finger in her pussy. He pushed as far as he could, and pulled it out again. He put his finger in the face. " Lick it," he said. Dee. "Now go and tell us a couple of drinks. " Dee was in the mini -bar, bent down and opened the door. Mike and I enjoyed the view. We had a couple of beers. " Now go and sit in front of us and begins to masturbate. You do not have the right to close the eyes. Look at your man 's face. " She did. Ifound that very sexy, and my pants were low. Mike matureup started a small conversation. Dee kept fucking themselves. His face began to tremble. The muscles that were not otherwise employees of contracting. He was obviously enjoying at least as much as me. matureup Mike looked up from our conversation. " I found in the bed, her legs as far as possible," he said. She has a red face, but it did. We had a beautiful view of her pussy. Her breasts were slightly wavy. Mike came over and started sucking the nipple. His left hand groped for the groin. Then he pushed three fingers into her love tunnel and put your thumb on her clitoris. Dee began to pant a matureup little, but after that he is working throughout the interior, his breathing was heavy. She was back on track. She was always very hot and began to squirm against his hand. matureup He paused. " I want to take my pants and shorts and a condom on me. " I watched as she unbuckled his belt and slid matureup down his pants. He joinedthem. It was obvious that Mike was hot. As Dee put on shorts, attached to his tail, and appeared in all its glory. My relief, because, certainly, was not greater than mine. Dee took the condom. I matureup wanted to cum when I put the condom on the penis and watch it roll on its axis. " Now I'm going to fuck. Her husband is standing beside the bed. You are looking at it at any time. " I placed it between his legs. They moved, grabbed her legs matureup and pulled his lips. Mike put his cock against her entrance. He pushed in a big hurry. Dee let out a scream. It is likely that it was not so wet inside as she had thought. It happens when you are older. Mike started pumping. Because the friction is higher, seemed to catch up quickly. I sat beside the bed and looked into the eyes of Dee. She looked at me. Her eyes and shook her head back and forth. His breathing increased. She began to moan and complain all Iyou now. Suddenly she screamed, "I 'm running, I 'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me. " Mike also began to get indications of where he went. " I'm fucked, bitch, take my milk" grabbed four times raised a loud "Ah, " every time. Both collapsed. Dee shows gave me complete satisfaction. After a minute, Mike stood up. "Dee, what has proven to be a bitch, I want to follow these steps. Mete fingers her pussy and licks it off. Do this until her pussy is empty. In doing so, you say that matureup we have the imagination. Her husband stands beside her, jerking and shooting his load on her face. " took my penis matureup and began masturbating. Having seen, fucked by a stranger, his face expression of delirium had my "solution" really hard. Dee mentioned that they were about to end blindfolded thinking and being naked in a room with children who could do with it what they wanted. She was groped and fucked up and did not know quor did. That excited. Now turned on me too. In no time I was out of breath and shot my cum on her face. Mike took a picture of my penis hanging over her face with her face splashed with my seed. as agreed, to clean, dress, shook hands politely matureup and left. Of course, we matureup went to shit for a few hours. And we started talking about her new fantasy. When asked if he wanted to realize it, do not say no
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