Believe it or not, but this story is based on a true incident that occurred last summer (2004) is based. Claire Tracy had invited more than a bath, he had bought on Tuesday, but Tracy did not and decided Saturday afternoon after lunch. Claire had forgotten that he also asked Andy to come and clean the pool before going into overtime on Saturday, and when the day and arrived late after Andy Tracy, there was nothing I askjolene could do. Tracy went to the pool and stripped too fast askjolene to enjoy the sun as it stands next to the pool in a towel, Claire broke down a few glasses of wine and saw in all its beauty. A as glass and a few led to another and Claire found herself kneeling between Tracy 's feet, applying lotion to her. Tracy knew that Andy had always fantasized about her with other women, but did not know he played with her until the climax, they want more than they knew. askjolene hands Claire stayed in these special places and Eventually found their way to the beautiful Tracy 's tits. Claire loved Tracy askjolene 's body, which made both in the askjolene office and now I could see, feel, and taste really. Under the tongue, made a wet road down her thighs and slowly askjolene between Tracy is excited wet pussy lips and her semi -shaven mound. Claire wanted Tracy started with the passion and desire to eat, he learned that this is a long time, forgot to Andy. never heard the car pull up on the door or near the tracks in the pool, which was recorded. When she is like a woman with a naked woman enjoying askjolene every lick, Andy stood by the door of his shorts feeling begins to bulge, his askjolene askjolene fantasy had come true. Tracy saw it first, then smiled, surprised, asked Claire what was happening, and Tracy said he would have the company. Claire began to jump, but Tracy held her head down... " Its ok honey, let's see. Claire relaxed and made ​​wet male presence is a fact that always had an eye on Andy and often fingered passed on his desk when he returned he did with Tracy and ended up in the bathroom completes the job. is Claire Tracy now fingering and sucking her breasts when he greeted Andy Tracy to be closer, if he did, said, " You have a favorite in your pants askjolene ? " "And you?" stammered Andy a "yes " followed by an "embargo" When she smiled and said. He does not need much convincing, since Claire had always thought was a straw even hidden in askjolene the bathrooms of the office after getting an eye full of small but firm breasts and often leaned over the table skirt pulled fantasy kicker after down and seeing hard fucking Tracy. Dropping his shorts and shirt, saw his long and thick penis, now fully erect. "Bring your cock here I love it! " Tracy whispered. Andy was kneeling with his wife and presented his tool now shines with her. Tracy was eaten in the hand and put it in her wet mouth waiting and began to suckIng it. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Claire said... "Tracy a lucky dog I always wanted a little cock! askjolene It will do most of the girls in the office," " Oh, Andy! " Claire said: "I love the cock and the eggs look full, how long baby, since he shot a load "" Errrrrrrrrrrrr good to be honest, I shot my load up a few days Tracy n "Every chance that your husband fucks me today Mrs. H: Are you, " Claire said softly, " Now ready to let Andy Honey, we all afternoon with you, " to Andy his hands on Tracy 's tits and began to massage, with every turn in your mouth and suck on her big nipples with his tongue erased pencil rolls " mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love tits! "'Said Tracy," . and I love your cock so hard and thick, askjolene I'd like Dirty Bastard me soon! "" Yes, in a time when only the first Claire want to suck ! " Now, the third power of trade in their position, partners, and together the two left aloneall afternoon. Andy soon began to ache and longing for the release of the balls.... Tracy placed on his arms and leaned his elbows on the table in this as it could turn away, which made deep and hard. Her blood pressure found that pushing it back and turning the hips, took him to the edge...... Check out Claire Tracy cried that's what I have to do it all the time. " Do not cum yet!" Claire shouted, I want something from us spray your sperm. Both lay on the wet cement, as he stood over them, and soon blasting hot creamy cumshots rope rose and fell on them in their pussies, tits and face. Andy kept masturbating and left, never saw Claire sperm in his life. Claire began his semen on the skin and massage pussy Tracy, as Tracy did the same with her. Andy stood and watched the last drop of the drops on the concrete next to them. It soon spread rubbing their bodies together Andy spermeters and then started to lick each other clean. " Wow ! Your cum tastes so good, Andy Tracy, his dog lucky. Mmmmmmmmmmm ' Andy want more! " He said he therefore goes without saying that Andy never made it to work. "pop back next week Andy, my group has to be cleaned again, honey! " Claire said Andy left. "MMMMMM The next week, I think I'm free !" Said Tracy, as they walked down the stairs in hot water and swam and played a little more.
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