George, a friend of mine came to visit on Saturday afternoon. He had promised to help me set up the garden with gazebo and chairs for a barbecue, which we consider later. Michelle, my wife was taking some food at the time of the match. As was the garden furniture, George saw a pair of panties Michelle on the line, his eyes were nearly out of the bushes next to them. ' This would be the dress Michelle? Wow, you're a lucky man, I would like my Sophie wear those sexy way. ' I scorpionclips said to George, who took all the clothes are removed from the line and was scorpionclips the interior. Without hesitation, he took the pin and left the post after another a pink thong Michelle was the last. When he removed the belt line, which discussed how silky smooth it felt. I could see that special attention to the crutch area and to my surprise, his constant comments on my underwear woman and what he would do if he had a wife like minereally starts to wake up. George, being always made pink belt and rub gently between the thumb and fingers, that would do almost anything scorpionclips to see my wife cute little ass in thong sexy pretty. His said his favorite type of lingerie a woman would be a lace thong pink. His wife was always full of underwear and could not imagine that partner Michelle really scorpionclips leaves scorpionclips much to the imagination, and wondered what is actually hidden in them. They did not seem big enough to hide the smallest scorpionclips pussy. with long working hours and overtime, Michelle and I had the opportunity to spend a minute alone. Not having a sex life is not good and I was really out for some action. George was really becoming what it anymore. My penis was in some way to release stress, when George suggested that if she were married, he would not be able to leave her hands, I almost creamed my pants. Hear what he was lusting after kindled my wife and I had to have sex with her and soon. Spring up before him, said very casually, when I see it, Michelle was actually wearing his lace thong And then he would have wanted to seduce her, and would love a hand. At first he thought he was joking, but as I made ​​clear that I could not expect that he did not, until you get home. The plan was in place, and everything you need now is to wait for the return of Michelle. I just set a rule that he scorpionclips could use his mouth, his hands, but his penis was not one scorpionclips of her pussy. When they get home, I took her to the mall and went to put it in the fridge, I told Michelle to a seat in the lounge while I put the kettle on to make. George was there, and I asked them feel welcome and I would in a few hot drinks as they prepare for the placement was the shopping area. I left George and Michelle chat for 10 minutes in the room when Michelle went to the kitchen with a smile orn his face. "What 's going on? " I asked. " I think George will come to me," said Michelle. took Michelle in my arms, I told him that the man is in his mind does not want and when I kissed her passionately I slid my hand under her skirt over her ass and go back scorpionclips on her panties. I tried the finger and I could feel scorpionclips the humidity rising. I whispered in her ear. "Your pussy tells me they're enjoying the conversation with George to return and I will continue with drinks at a time," " Ok, so what 's going on? " He asked. " Why was so excited to another man in the chat, my wife ? " I told Michelle that George had a fetish for underwear and he was anxious to see them. I told him that while he was alive enough for me. She told me that I should tell him that had the same type of underwear that had been hung on the line and if he wanted, he was able to take a look. I looked at her and asked her if she wanted to make sure that, because he was forced to want to seduce. scorpionclips Michelle blushed and kissed me, told me he definitely knew what they're getting into. I said I was right back in the room and say to yourself. had a few minutes before the living room. When I opened the door George was lying on the floor right in front of Michelle, who was sitting on the couch, knelt. It got a little so he could get a good view of her thong pink lace. I sat next to Michelle, my hand on her skirt, slowly up to reveal her pink thong enough. "Will you come closer, so scorpionclips close, so close that the smell of my perfume natural, close enough so I can feel his breath on my pussy," said Michelle George. scorpionclips No doubt, George leaned forward and buried his face in my pink thong woman. My friend was rather enjoying it. Michelle played very softly, rubbing his fingers scorpionclips lightly on her pussy was hiding behind their little panties. George out of his panties aside and let his fingers deep into her tight hole before gently finger fuck her. He moved his finger slowly in and out, Michelle was always hot and juicy exploit and ready. I held her as she lay between her legs and pulled her panties to one side, nor buried his tongue between his lips velvety. that was enough to take over the bank. Michelle shook uncontrollably as George continued to lick and suck juicy pussy. scorpionclips George sat in her mouth pussy juice shone my wife, my scorpionclips cock was as hard as I was about to rip through my pants. I pulled my cock from her cramped position and exchanged with George. Michelle was so wet that my cock slid into her love nest with ease, although it is higher than you ever feel. George saw my throbbing cock slide back and forth against the pink spikes of small items Tanga Michelle was incredibly awesome. Check the fabric soft and velvety lips of Michelle wrapped around my cockwas almost too much for me. Michelle wrapped her legs around my back and begged me to fuck her hard. She knew that George was, he knew what he was hard and hot, might as well as I could see the bulge in his pants. Michelle George come to trust, to decompress it and his cock throbbing in one go so slowly with his grip. Could Do not keep much longer, and when Michelle took George in her mouth she had to lower right, as the warm light was getting stronger in the groin with each thrust. By Michelle legs on my shoulders now I know how one pound steam locomotive, as I was on my way to the inevitable, he began, had a strong wild cry of my orgasm overtook me as I shot a lot of hot cum in my favorite wife pussy. Michelle looked at me for guidance, what scorpionclips to do with George. Before I had given instructions not to put the cock in her pussy, but I realized I want more. I still felt immensely return orn all this, so I gave the nod. Michelle turned and panties still in place, he told George that he must take your puppy so that I could see his cock sliding between her panties and pussy. Do not hesitate, and within seconds I had to do my wife hit from behind, to pay special attention to the advice of cloth of her panties. Firmly grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart, so you get a better view of his cock in and against the belt tight cunt deep in Michelle. When he began to scorpionclips build speed, I took my cock hardening again ready for more action by itself. Michelle had also noticed this and now it depended on me to enjoy my wife a kiss. Their language scorpionclips was sent to my advice, my farewell small opening with one hand massaging my balls. I saw George decided it was time to go to start eating pussy cum Michelle and full. drew Michelle slid under her panties and ate moreher pussy. Reacted to this by sucking even harder on my cock. I could see her thong out there and I could not resist, picked it up and press the soft tissue on my face smelling a scorpionclips mixture of sex and wet pussy. It was too much for us all. Michelle masturbating George was furious with his free hand, he ate her pussy filled with cum and I always sucked, while sniffing the panties from my wife. 's thoughts and feelings were uncontrollable... scorpionclips I was there first and Michelle swallow every last drop of my second offer. As he fell backward Michelle took his scorpionclips underwear and wrapped around George 's cock and within seconds he had fired his load on her as she let out a big groan when grinding her pussy on his face. for a moment later, it was as if all were suspended in time. George slid under Michelle licking her lips and thank you both for a good fucking time. Michelle was surprised both of us in this day and although it has never been rerepeated, we talked about it. It has been suggested that it is the turn to enjoy the time with a threesome with another woman. She has a beautiful sister, so who knows. The barbecue was good. All enjoyed drinking. There are many women in miniskirts and low cut tops, but my cock was, unfortunately, the cases themselves after so much work, and it was the murmur of other all night.
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