Something happened a couple of weeks, which is likely to change the lives of my wife forever ! Pam is a very attractive woman, petite, blonde and a size 10. It is always some clothes so cute and very sexy, too many men the joy x3xtube ! But that's where I always stopped. Just a little harmless flirting. A friend of mine, John, had always been interested in her. There were times, at a party where he danced with her and moved his hands a little, but never x3xtube objected, and only left a little fun drunk. Like her, I could not hurt to see what he shows his feelings for her. women Juan left him for another man a few months ago and since then his sex life was nonexistent and, indeed, he still has social life. To encourage you to Pam suggested that we invite you to drown their sorrows with us. He was delighted and accepted the offer immediately! Friday night in question, which was clearly a feeling naughty and threw it in the most revealing clothes can imagine, explaining that it was encouraging to John. He wore boots, just above the knee and mini skirts shorter, covered with a skin-tight vest which showed adjusted her bra - less than wonderful cleavage. The lipstick thick, dark red for the final touch to your image too tarty ! We analyzed a bit tarty, but I went with her ​​because she looked so hot. I agree with her that John would love ! We met with him in the city and had a couple of beers and really leaves us all in the hair. It was an amazing night, and judging by the roaming hands of John, thanked Pam equipment. Come November 30 clock instead of taking back beat Juan Pam give us a few more x3xtube beers and fall out. A taxi ride x3xtube later, we were all back home with a beer each, chat and listen to music in the lounge. I'm not sure how the conversation on the subject, but we are discussing the life of John the sex or lack of it ! and tchicken, Pam, and rather drunk now, asked how long he had had in the last "Last week, indeed! " He has surprised us ! "Who," x3xtube asked Pam. His answer was a shock! " I paid a prostitute £ 75 !" He said, and looked very uncomfortable! " I would have done for 50 pounds! " Pam laughed. John pulled out his wallet and pulled out € 50 and handed it to her by her bluff. I got out laughing and said he was talking about it! It was like a red rag to a bull. It took note of it and got into the plant, the money still in hand! ", said John Come On. I'm your bitch at night," he said with a voice a little confused, but suddenly looked very serious. Despite the fun of it, I assumed that he would admit that settlement, which encouraged him and asked what time would cease to " Go to John. Fuck the bitch. You paid for it !" Joked . that stood on the floor beside her and just pulled his jacket over his shoulders tight squeeze, weAVING naked out of her x3xtube mini -skirt ! Everything happened so fast he had no time to react. The following was his hands all over her tits as I sat there with my mouth open and looked with total disbelief ! He pushed gently at first, putting the nipples between his fingers, then went to his head and started sucking tit say alternatively a tit ! He sat, leaning on the arms and money still in hand! He bent his small black leather skirt and lifted it to her waist, exposing her thong lace. Wasting no time one of x3xtube his hands dropped to between her legs and began stroking the top of her pussy! She started to moan. His eyes were closed and his head rolled back. I was mesmerized and completely speechless ! Why not stop, I do x3xtube not know. thin bellows pulled her thong to the side and I could clearly see the swollen lips of my wife. His fingers slid deep into her wet pussy and started it. criedloud, obviously you enjoy it! Me pout lips as his hand reached for his zip and pulled expert hard cock! She began to masturbate, slowly at first, but then with despair, as the rate at which it was his greatest typing "I only fuck you motherfucker. You paid for it. Just fuck me," he said. He pushed her down and pulled his belt and then opened her legs and got between them to act on his x3xtube tail with anticipation! With a sudden, sharp blow in her, her ass banged frantically up and down, driving his cock hard and deep in my wife 's pussy ! His arms were wrapped in the back and saw that she squeezed still earn the 50 pounds that was! as he grabbed her by her first orgasm, growled away, "Fucking whore dirty! Is a bitch! All that is not a prostitute! " " I x3xtube know. I x3xtube know," cried ! A few minutes was reached again. This increasingly strong and x3xtube so intense, unlike anything I had x3xtube experiencedignition internal with it! He picked and picked until finally his breathing quickened his footsteps and became frantic gasp. " I'm running out of shit bitch!" He groaned, as he made his last effort depths of my wife. Her face grimaced as he emptied his balls into his hole without protection! I saw him slowly pull out and how he did it, a splash of semen dripping from her pussy on the carpet! I asked her if she returned the money but did not. She just picked up his bag and put the notes on how x3xtube a real whore ! John looked at me nervously waiting for a reaction of anger, but it was the feeling I was upset, it seemed more to emotion. I realized that he had enjoyed his performance just like a whore ! She was obviously well liked and it was easy money for it. John apologized, but I smiled and seemed to relax again. could not wait to get to bed Pam, and had x3xtube the most incredible sex. I could still feel his cum oozing out of it in bedWe're fucked. John picked up there a couple of times and has always paid for their services! It has also brought a couple of guys back from our local afternoon, when I'm at work. One thing I have that if they insisted, is that they used condoms when she works and that I described in detail what you did! My life is different now and in any case, it has brought us closer! She has to spend extra money, but it is nothing compared to the excitement of our own sex life! ZoomGroups.com
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