My name is G. I had lived with my sister and her family since she was 13 and had lost my virginity to Ronnie, my brother -in-law on my 18th birthday (! ). We had a relationship since then, and had shared with me some of his friends. My sister had no idea what was going on. Anyway, I musclehunks was now had 21 years and it was my wedding day, and Ronnie for me to give away. He was not happy when I found V, a soldier, and decided to get married. Ronnie tell you everything that Vic and I made the slightest detail, as he fucked me. He took me nearly every day, or at least I gave him a blowjob, although the family at home - dangerous, but very exciting The wedding day of my whole world had gone to church, so Ronnie and I just waiting wedding car. I was traditional dress - a white satin gown with all the trimmings. I had taken to using the new white beautiful lingerie, stockings, garters, thong and bra, and a league of blue musclehunks lace on my computerht thigh and white satin heels. As soon as we were alone Ronnie took my hand. "G, fuck your last time it was the only girl. " I said hoarsely, desire, and I blushed. "But the car will be here in 15 minutes and covered a whole. " I replied. That was not going to stop. Ronnie has to bend at the waist, hands resting on the back of a chair, and I felt the musclehunks train pushed by my wedding dress to one side musclehunks as he lifted the dress over my hips, leaning on the back. His fingers loosened my panties in my crack and spread my legs and bent my knees a little to give better access to my hot pussy. I felt his cock found my lips and slowly begin to penetrate me, as I take my hips to facilitate the return to his entire tail. A finger entered my ass as I began to fuck hard. No animals were fine, just shit, and I loved it. I orgasm quickly and Ronnie felt hot cum jet deep into me. His softening cock slidme, and I tried to lick his cock clean again, as is always necessary, but he pushed me. " No, not this time, G, I will not spoil the musclehunks makeup. " He said, and then I realized it was a handkerchief to wipe my pussy to dry. "No," he said sharply : ".. I want musclehunks my sperm in which, as we move down the corridor I smell shit wet and sticky with my cum, and" The car arrived, and after adjusting our clothes, we were soon in the church, just a few minutes, was kidnapped. At the church door I stopped, knowing that I was red and hoping that nobody would suspect that I picked up my brother - in - law, but did not really matter if they did. " Your life is dripping from my pussy Ronnie," she whispered, as we started down the aisle, and he just smiled and squeezed my arm. You could end up on the inside of the leg above my upper half of feeling, and I could not believe that people do not smell sex on me. "That's good G. " whispainting back, " Keep thinking, what shit you let another man on the wedding day. " The wedding seemed to fly by and drink and dance at the reception and the start and end me Ronnie been asked to dance. "Thank fuck for me before Ronnie. " I said. "It was very exciting. " " I'm not ready G", he replied: Her hips pushed forward and me " Now that I am married the first man, he fucks a married woman. " I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. " You want my dick fuck you again very soon? " " Oh, Ronnie, I am your cock will be so bad," I whispered, "You're the best fuck I ever had. " The n was so excited to know how bad it was too, musclehunks but musclehunks I was always hot hard cock Ronnie - I was his bitch do what he wanted, even on the day of my wedding, musclehunks and he knew it.
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