and promised I would make my wife and our closest neighbors, and that's what happened yesterday....... calling me to work and my wife usually send each other a few txt messages yesterday Alison (my wife ) sent me a txt saying ray only to ask if submerged around his home that night jizzbo thinking? What did you say, I asked ? well dear, you are at work at 2 in the morning and feel great do you mind if I showed up ? ( Knowing full well what my answer would be ), before answering, I asked him what the hell do anything to warm, if it came at a time? No, he said, but jizzbo he has to tell me that was a pleasant surprise to me in an hour........... my cock sprang to jizzbo life instanly that a lot of elderly neighbors ray my back with my wife! began to dominate my wife and she loved every second of it and really play with him and his wife Carol. gave my consent, and she said she could notCome to wait for the night. within an hour had a txt jizzbo from Alison Carol tells me, but a gift from Ray had brought for them..... my mind with the excitement, I asked ? It's a new pair of silk panties came his reply...... that's jizzbo good, I said but they are absolutely full of life, she responded ray Carol has asked for the exercise of my..... My jizzbo mouth was dry, but I almost jizzbo came in my pants the last time you read txt want her to sit, I asked ? already put in, and they said they are very sticky and wet and quite cold, but the feeling of love.... Ray told me that I have to continue until you delete it. Here I was in jizzbo the middle of my shift was at work and my wife forced to wear a pair of panties full of fresh sperm from my neighbors......... I ran to the bathroom and had a quick straw think the whole situation. then txt me she said she felt like the rays to leak sperm into her pussy and began to smell. very soon it was time toto go home still has cum filled panties in a high heel short skirt and shirt set. Ray said the first thing he did was to check the panties, then he told her to remove them and put a new pair which he had jizzbo filled only with more of his sperm. like you put them on, she opened her mouth and sperm fell on the carpet, said the underwear is made ​​with courage and full of carols -ray equipped with my wife. then the two stood there and said lets go......... Coats asked my wife, where do we go ? this ray just said do not worry, you'll be well looked after and entered the fucking car. my wife was sitting in the back and consious of milk oozing from his Christmas Ray and leather seats. Carol was then my wife opened her legs until she could she could feel fresh semen leaks in it. My wife told me, the smell of semen filled the car for the car that had stopped at a place called dogging and told Alison to getout and show everyone what was a dirty shit......... My wife said she was a little nervous, but opened the back door was dark, and she was very aware that the wind blowing her short skirt at her pussy very wet. her nipples were poking her little shirt. leaned on the back of the car just wait........ S soon as a sort of dirty work truck stopped and asked him after he was looking for fun ? before he could respond to the window was wound chest and told them what a dirty bitch she was and was ready for anything. with the rear doors opened and a young man told how they were trapped in the doors, and realized that there were four men inside. all dirty work clothes, while a musty smell of sweat fills the van. Let's see what a dirty bitch you jizzbo really are, said one of the men, jizzbo when I was in my wife 's tits groped almost immediately pressed against a strong smell cock mouth and took it into her mouth and began to sucking began. theyI felt two fingers thick penatrate his hole, at the same time as you began to masturbate the other two men. told me he loved the idea to get to do it for Ray and would do anything for him if he told her. jizzbo , there was a coup by a group raped by stinking man 's dirty work, and she told me how wonderful it is, it was made by Ray to do. soon felt the first sting him she panicked and ran to tell her he needed condoms. if you have to fuck her just suck. return the finger soaked pussy invaded and took them to an amazing orgasm, when I first served cum swallowing. 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Alison said she was almost instantly the language of Christmas. when he was a ray 12 o'clock I told my wife to come to his house for a few moments. while Alison and Carol sat on the living lightning instructed my wife to her soaked underwear removed. and went to another pair of red silk. straw instructed my wife to put it on and leave it until the afternoon tomorrow. that nightWhen I got into the bed of the story above what my wife told me Alison, I was surprised and thrilled drilled strongly activated. I showed her panties soaking and then uses it smelling semen, as I slid my fingers into her panties and pussy of my wife, I could feel his semen in the...... i slide my cock in her company and my juice was sprinkled on her slippery hole. my wife has been open to a ball game and a dog of my neighbor, and she is enjoying every second. I wonder what the next................. , but my wife says that she was his everything and no matter how long you continue blasting dirty little bitch. until the next time............ ZoomGroups.com
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