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Name: Ariana B. F.
Since: 09/23/2004
Lives in:  California, United States
Interests: activity partners, discussion groups/blogs
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Princess Diary
Not a lady's man, not so great mall. [by Mom at 10:00 on 10/31/2005]
Papa give mama a kiss on the mouth. [by Mom at 19:22 on 10/24/2005]
Please forgive me. [by Mom at 09:46 on 10/19/2005]

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Total testimonials: 2
From:  Miguel Angel Moreno Menendez
Date:  Mon Sep 20 16:32:53 2004

Rogelio!!! Que calladito te lo tenías!!! :D :D :D
OLE!!!!! :D

From:  Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Date:  Mon Sep 20 00:28:32 2004

She's the best :-)

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